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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Waiting on Wednesday Guys: The First Time- 2009 Debutantes Anthology

"From first kiss to first love, there's no time like the first time."

So, do you guys remember 2009? Just yesterday I was going down memory lane, looking at my very first posts in 2009, so cute and so badly written at times. 2009 was a nice year, the first year I started blogging as a matter of fact.

Here we have an anthology with 25 different authors who debuted on 2009. The list of authors goes as follow (I'm going to put the authors name plus the name of a book they have written to freshen up your memory):

Cyn Balog (Fairy Tale; Sleepless; Startruck)
Lauren Bjorkman (My Invented Life)
Leigh Brescia (One Wish)
Jennifer Brown (Hate List; Bitter End)
Kirstin Cronn-Mills (The Sky Always Hears Me: And the Hills Don't Mind) 
Janet Gurtler (Im Not Her; If I tell)
Teri Hall (The Line; Away)
Stacey Jay (Your Are So Undead To Me; Juliet Immortal)
C. Lee McKenzie (Sliding on the Edge)
Saundra Mitchell (Shadowed Summer; The Vespertine)
Jenny Moss (Winnie's War)
Jackson Pearce (As You Wish; Sisters Red)
Shani Petroff (Daddy's Little Angel)
Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth)
Sydney Salter (My Big Nose & Other Natural Disasters)
Kurtis Scaletta (Mudville)
Jon Skovron (Struts & Frets)
Kristina Springer (The Espressologist; Just Your Average Princess)
Rhonda Stapleton  (Stupid Cupid)
Charity Tahmaseb (The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading)
Jessica Verday (The Hollow)
J.A. Yang (Exclusively Chloe)
Lara Zielin (Donut Days)
"With 25 different authors contributing, there's sure to be something here for everyone! From first kiss to first love, there’s no time like the first time. This will be an eBook only(available via Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords) and the tentative release date is October 2011." 
-Jessica Verday
So the stories are going to be about "firsts". Sounds interesting. I really like that they are all 2009 debutantes, plus the cover looks pretty ^^ Maybe they should do this with all the debutantes from different years.

PS; I have a cover for all the debutantes, but the picture uploading thing is not working right now. Blogger and it's problems.


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