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Monday 27 June 2011

Big Bookish News: Margaret Stohl's, co-author of Beautiful Creatures, New YA Series (Emphasis on NEW)

So, I wake up this morning and the first thing I hear is this:
Stohl Launches SF Series at LBYR 
Margaret Stohl, co-author of the bestselling YA series Beautiful Creatures, sold North American rights to two books in a new series called Icon to Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Julie Schiena acquired the novels from agent Sarah Burnes at the Gernert Company, and book one is slated for spring 2013
The YA science fiction series, which is set 16 years after an alien invasion, follows a group of teenagers who become swept up in a resistance movement looking to unseat the extraterrestrials who’ve taken control of the planet.
According to the announcement over on Beautiful Creatures The Book, Kami is going to have top secret news soon also!

A lot for a girl to digest before breakfast. So, new series by M Stohl, interesting. I mean, as long as it doesn't interfere with her Beautiful Creatures work then I'm cool with whatever ^^

What do you think about this new alien invasion extravaganza book?


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about aliens, but it's Margaret Stohl, so I have absolute faith that I'll enjoy the series. I also have a feeling that Kami's top secret news will be a new book/series herself.

    It's great for both of them and I'm excited, but I definitely want the Caster Chronicles books to still come out according to plan.

  2. It sounds great! I love the idea! I'm glad to see more science fiction being acquired.

  3. Ooh, exciting! I really liked Beautiful Creatures ... haven't gotten around to reading the sequel, but I enjoyed the first book. And I love a good alien invasion story. :) Thanks for sharing the news!

  4. Eeek! I'm excited for this one. It sounds awesome!

    P.S. It's been FOREVER since I've talked to you, Taschima, how've you been?


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