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Thursday 9 June 2011

Cover Winner of May; New Covers for June

Okay, personally I think this one was too easy. Though The Girl in the Steel Corset was a close second (in my head)... This month is going to be more of a challenge! I spent all day updating my slideshow and put over 100 new covers (including some 2012 covers), and for June there I have so many good ones!!

First, however let's do the breakdown:

Votes so far: 109 

New Covers for June:



Okay, to be honest, I had 16 beautiful covers for this month alone. I narrowed it down to the ones I really liked. Now it's your turn, pick one! Good luck, I have NO idea this time which one might win. This is exciting!!!

Honorary Mention:




Each cover is linked to it's Goodreads page. It's a tough one this month!! So tough!!

On the comments leave suggestions for next month!! Who knows, maybe your favorite will win. Also don't forget to vote on the poll to your left ;)

And guys feel free to check out the slideshow! A whole new bunch of covers that you might not have on your list. Check. It. Out. (I spent so much time working on it, like hours lol As Bri fom The Book Pixie lolz)


  1. I freaked out when I got Hereafter in the mail yesterday. It's so beautiful that I just want to cuddle with it. Is that weird? lol Very beautiful covers to many of these books.

  2. Hereafter and The Art of Forgetting are actually my faves of all of those. For your picks I'd have to say...Winter Shadows. So many awesome covers!


  3. This is kind of hard to pick! I love the Fallen covers, but Passion is probably my least favorite of all the books {cover-wise}. Stolen Nights is beautiful, though, as is Winter's Shadow. And Eden is just creepy-beautiful. But I think The Art of Forgetting should have been more than just an honorable mention...

  4. All the choices were gorgeous! Hereafter is haunting, and Forgotten is BEAUTIFUL! I would have picked Forgotten but I think Starcrossed has just such an eerie, mysterious quality to it.

  5. A lot of beautiful covers... I love all of them... Is imposible for me to choose only one... Ok.. only two... Winter's shadow... and Forgotten... : )

  6. I like the cover of Eden the most,it's so eye catching!
    You just made me add a LOT of books to my TBR pile.(As if it wasn't long enough)

    Young Readers


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