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Thursday 9 June 2011

Chronicles of Nick: Infinity and Invincible; 3 Reasons to read this series.

Basically I'm gonna try my darnest to convince you people to pick up this series because it's just plain awesome. Its not focused on vampires, so for me to tell you it's freaking awesome, it just must be freaking awesome. But not all of you will just follow my advice blindly (shame on you), so how about a lil proof?

1. The blood swirled around the page until it answered Nick's question.

Here you are and here you'll stay,
Until you learn a better way.

"Uh, hemoglobin, a little clarity would be nice. Could you be a little more specific for me?"

Born of time. Born of space.
First you must find your place.

"Can I get a yes or no from you? Are you going to tell me how to get out of here or not?"

Yes or no is not for me to speak.
Rather the answer if for you to seek.

Nick curled his lip in disgust at the cryptic answers. "Oh, you suck."

Suck and blow so you say.
But I'm not the one trapped with no getaway.

Anger ripped through him. "Leave it to me to find the only book known to sass its owner." Growling in aggravation, he slammed it shut and choked it.

Ian forwned at him. "What are you doing?"

"At the moment, wishing I could burn a book."
Pg. 422-423

3. "Nick! Wait!"

Wait, my gluteus maximus. Vampire was shy a few quarts of blood if he thought Nick had any intention of not going Casper on him.

I'm too young, too smart, and too good-looking to die. Yeah, and the some. The world needed him to improve the gene pool. Not to mention, at fourteen he hadn't even had hid first date yet. He'd only just, this night, had his first kiss. He should have recognized that alone as a sign that the apocalypse was coming and that his death was imminent."
Pg. 02-03

3. I gave it to you already, you say those covers right? The writing is fantastic. I mean this is an adult author writing YA, and it shows. She really knows how to walk the dialogue fine line between YA and Adult. Her characters, every single one of them are so much fun to read about. It's also packed full of action and sarcasm, what else do you need really? I believe this is a book that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls (Hint, BOYS you will actually enjoy this one believe me).

I already read Infinity and am currently devouring Invincible. Will have both reviews up VERY soon.


  1. I have both these books on my classroom shelves and I need to read them so I can talk them up better. I really think I have some boys that would like them!

  2. I've got the first book sitting on my shelf -- I really need to get to it! It sounds like such a fun series -- I like Nick already =)

  3. So you did a really good job convincing me to read them. Seen the book many times and had no interest in reading it at all. Until now.

  4. You know I have both of these books and have been meaning to read it, but keep putting it off. I should really get on that! It just sounds so good.

  5. Love this series. Read both of the books already. They are so good. Can't wait till the next one comes out. Also love the blog. New follower.

  6. I just read Infinity and loved it! I am trying to get my brother to read it, too, but getting him to read anything is a battle. :)

  7. yup, truly love this series. cant wait for the third book. that book is freakin glow-in-the-dark. LOL

  8. I have the first book on my shelf because I have read several of the Dark Hunter novels which is where Nick is from. Thanks for giving me even more reasons to actually get the book off of my tbr pile :)

  9. I lover her adult series, although I'm a few books behind, and have both of these books. I keep meaning to read them but just don't. :(


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