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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Reasons I want to Read Vampire Academy Again

Dimitri: "No, it wont happen to you. You're too strong. You will fight it, just like you did this time"
Rose: "I only did it because you were here, I cant do it by myself"
Dimitri: "You can, you're strong--you're so, so strong. Its why I love you"
- Rose Hathaway & Dimitri Belikov (Shadow Kiss)

Rose: "If you'd teach me to swear in Russian, I might have a new appreciation for it."
Dimitri: "You swear too much already."
Rose: "I just want to express myself."
Dimitri: "Oh, Roza… You express yourself more than anyone else I know."
- Rose Hathaway & Dimitri Belikov (Frostbite)

Dimitri: "Do not do that again."
Rose: "Don't kiss me back then."
- Dimitri Belikov & Rose Hathaway (Frostbite)

"I've given up on you. Love fades. Mine has."
- Dimitri Belikov (Spirit Bound)

Taschima: Don't say things like that! You make me sad!

Rose: “You think it’d be nice to have a cabin up there? Out in the woods where no one could find you?”
Dimitri: “I would think it was nice. I think you’d be bored.”
Rose: “It wouldn’t be so bad if we had cable. And Internet.” And body heat.
Dimitri: “Oh, Rose. I don’t think you’d ever be happy someplace quiet. You always need something to do.”
Rose: “Are you saying I have a short attention span?”
Dimitri: “Not at all. I’m saying there’s a fire in you that drives everything you do, that makes you need to better the world and those you love. To stand up for those who can’t. It’s one of the wonderful things about you.”
Rose: “Only one, huh?”
Dimitri: “One of many. So, no peaceful cabin for you. Not until you’re an old, old woman.”
Rose: “What, like forty?”
- Rose Hathaway & Dimitri Belikov (Blood Promise)

Dimitri: “What’s that?”
Rose: “Halos. For heavenly creatures like us.”
Dimitri: “That might be a stretch.”
- Dimitri Belikov & Rose Hathaway (Blood Promise)

"If you (Nathan) lay a hand on her, I will destroy you. I will rip your head off with my bare hands and watch it burn in the sun.”
- Dimitri Belikov (Blood Promise)

Rose: “Tell me again. One more time. Why do you want to awaken me so badly?”
Dimitri: “Because I want you. I’ve always wanted you.”
And that’s when I knew. I finally realized the problem. He’d given that same answer over and over, and each time, something about it had bothered me. I’d never been able to pinpoint it, though. Now I could. He wanted me. Wanted me in the way people wanted possessions or collectibles. The Dimitri I’d known . . . the one I’d fallen for and slept with . . . that Dimitri would have said he wanted us to be together because he loved me. There was no love here.
- Rose Hathaway & Dimitri Belikov (Blood Promise)

Rose: “I will always love you.”
Dimitri: “That’s what I was supposed to say. . . .”
- Rose Hathaway & Dimitri Belikov (Blood Promise)

Dimitri: "You saved me."
Lissa: "I only did the final piece. The rest . . . well, Rose did, um, a lot."
Rose - Say, like, organizing a prison break and releasing fugitives.
Dimitri Belikov, Lissa Dragomir, and Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

Dimitri: "They weren't supposed to let you in."
Rose: "Yeah. Well, I kind of found a work-around."
Dimitri: "Of course you did."
- Dimitri Belikov and Rose Hathaway (Spirit Bound)

Do I have to say more? I mean, come on. This series is fantastic. I need to read it again... This will be my third time. I don't regret it!

BTW In cause you didn't pick it up, I want to read it solely for Dimitri and Rose... a little bit more Dimitri. I miss my Russian man.


  1. Great quote picks. I love the series too! Totally dying to read Bloodlines! I bet it will be awesome.

  2. Eeep. Awesome quotes. I think I need to actually get copies of the books so I can reread them myself!

  3. I currently have a list of books written on my arm that I want to read when I get home from vacation and this series is top on the list. Great, now you made me want to reread it even more! I think it will be my the first two I've read three times already and the others only one or two. I need to reread all of them!
    Great post!

  4. Oh my gosh, this post made me want to re-read this series...and I just finished Last Sacrifice a few weeks ago. But I don't think reading it again this soon would really be a bad thing ;D

    I love all the quotes you chose. *le sigh* Dimitri is pretty amazing huh?
    Yep, definitely going to be re-reading soon :D

  5. Hmmmm, somewhere around here I have the first book....

  6. now you make me wanna re-read it too! hahaha

  7. It was amazing,,,I still get on dreamy everytime I talk about it,,I read the entire series back in January,,,Ive thought about re-reading before "Bloodlines" comes out...that way everything and everybody will fresh,,
    thanks for sharing

  8. @All I know!! I packed Vampire Academy along with Insatiable by Med Cabot to read today ^^ I was thinking reading 200 of the Meg Cabot book and then just read all VA ^^

  9. I haven't read these yet and I picked up the first one for a quarter at Border's going out of business sale! So looking forward to it.

  10. Vamp Academy is my favorite vampire series. I've read it a couple times, but it never hurts to re-read it again! I loves me some Dimitri!

  11. I love this series too and I can't wait for Bloodlines. But I have to say, though I of course love Dimka, that Adrian is my favourite. :)

  12. See for me after Dimitri comes Christian (I love me some Christian) and theeeeen Adrian, maybe.


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