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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer Teaser

Like they say at Puerto Rico: "Para los gustos los colores". Which means that this trailer may not apply to every one of my followers, but I know some of you are really excited for this movie, and so I deliver with the latest news!


PS; Ain't that scene beautiful? =O

PPS; If possible Edward's hair looks even weirder.


  1. Ah that's it?!? Thanks for posting this. I was looking for it earlier and waiting for someone to post it. Edwards hair looks really weird. The wedding set is beautiful.

  2. I just saw this when it was posted on FB and was so excited. Can't wait till the 5th when I get to see a slightly longer version! ;)

  3. I loved this. i love that it's a teaser for the teaser too :-)

  4. Saw the teaser this morning and couldn't help but squee. The scene looks magical! *steals tiara*

  5. I just realized the reason Edward's hair looks so different is because that's how he would have worn it in 1909 or whenever it was that he "died".

    And I'm really excited about this movie. Really excited.

  6. @Everyone No problem guys!

    @Kari I know about the reason but I just wished he would have gone 21st century or something lol He looks like a pretty dork.

  7. i love this trailer, that bedroom scene is OMG!!


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