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Tuesday 16 November 2010

Teaser Tuesday: The Iron Queen

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey #3) by Julie Kagawa
Paperback, 384 pages
Published February 1st 2011 by Harlequin Teen

Puck Teaser
"Looking for something?"
The familiar voice echoed from somewhere above us. I turned, and there was Puck, lying on an overhead branch, smirking at me. His shirt was off, showing a lean, bronzed chest, and his red hair was all over the place. He looked more... I don't know... fey out here. Something wild and unpredictable, more like Shakespeare's Robin Goodfellow, who turned Nick Bottom into a Donkey and wreaked havoc on the humans lost in the forest.
"Rumor going round there parts is that you're looking for me," he said, tossing an apple in one hand before biting into it. "Well, here I am. What do you want, your highnesses?"

Ash Teaser

"I blinked. "You're... jealous," I said in disbelief. Ash, former prince of the Unseelie Court, was jealous. Of Puck. I didn't know why I found that so surprising; maybe Ash seemed too clam and self-assured to be jealous. But there was no mistaking what I saw.
Ash shifted uncomfortable and gave me a look from the corner of his eye. ""Is that so wrong?" he asked softly, turning to stare at the far wall. "Is it so wrong to be jealous, when I heard that you kissed him, when you told him..." He trailed off, ranking a hand through his hair, and I bit my lip. "I know I was the one who left," he continued, still glaring at the wall. "I said we were enemies and that we couldn't be together. I knew it would break your heart, but... I also knew Puck would be there to pick up the pieces. Whatever came of that, I brought on myself. I know I have no right to ask..." He stopped, taking a short breath, as if that confession had been difficult. I held my breath, knowing there was more.
"But," he went on, finally turning to me, "I have to know, Meghan. I can't wonder about this, not with him. Or you. It will drive me crazy." He sighed and suddenly took my hand, staring at our tangled fingers. "You know what I feel for you. You know I'll protect you from whatever comes at us, but this is the one thing I can't fight."

Meghan Teaser

"I glared at the mop handle, taking a deep breath. I was supposed to make the stupid thing bloom with roses and such, but all I'd done was given myself a massive headache. Drawing glamour to me, I tried again. Okay, concentrate, Meghan. Concentrate...
"I'm going to get this, dammit." Ignoring my roiling stomach, the sweat that ran into my eyes, I took another deep breath and concentrated on the glamour swirling around the mop. The wood was alive, pulsing with energy, just waiting for the push that would make it explode with life.
The wooden pole trembled. Nausea crawled up my stomach. I bit my lip, welcoming the pain. And suddenly, roses burst into bloom along the handle, red and white and pink and orange, a riot of color among the leaves and thorns. As quickly as they had bloomed, the petals shriveled and fell off, littering the ground around the mop handle, bare and naked once more."
I started reading this book yesterday, and already am at page 189. Imagine just how good it is. Today I may finish it, and I might do a tiny review on it, but my complete review will be posted on January 2011. Love Puck in this book, he's so wild, but I am still faithful... TEAM ASH all the way!!

Teaser's are from an ARC e-copy of the book The Iron Queen and as such are subject to change. 


  1. as soon as i get my kindle back (hopefully this week) im starting this, its sitting on my computer just begging to be read!

  2. GREAT teasers!!! I have a soft spot for Puck --- can't wait to read this book! :)

  3. Great teasers! I can't wait to get started on this ... as soon as I've got me a Kindle which will hopefully be in the next few weeks. Team Ash!

    My teaser is here

  4. I finished this one a few days ago and loved it. So glad there's going to be a fourth one!

    P.S. Love the Christmas layout!

  5. It's so cool when you get a combination of a book that pulls you into the story, the time to read it, and the energy to stay awake while reading - great combination that I'm appreciating more and more as I get older! :) Thanks for the teasers.


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