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Monday 22 November 2010

Reasons I Cried When I Watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Sadly I couldn't see Harry Potter on preview night; I waited too long to buy my ticket. So instead I watched it on my birthday night. I was sooo excited!! I mean, it's the beginning of the end!! How cool is that?! After the next movie there will be no more HP movies to eagerly wait for each year. Now we'll just have to wait for Breaking Dawn part I and II (copy cats). So as I sat down on my seat I just couldn't believe the day had arrived, I would watch Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson kick some wizard ass!

But, after watching it, I realized I could have waited a bit more.

Reasons I cried after I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

  1. Let's start with they didn't go to the right house. The whole freaking point of having a bunch of Harrys was to confuse the Deatheaters! They were supposed to divide and conquer, each go to a different house and then transport to the "real" one. Harry doesn't go to Tonk's parents house in the movie, he goes to the Weasley house O.o
  2. Why was Dobby helping Kreacher? NEVER HAPPENS. We don't see Dobby until the cellar scene comes.
  3. Speaking of, they totally skip Kreacher's make over! They leave him as a bad elf and don't explain why exactly did he betray Sirius; He betrayed Sirius because Sirius was an ASS to Kreacher, Kreacher, after Harry shows him some compassion, becomes one of the best freaking house elves ever! Also, where is the painting and screaming of Sirius mother?
  4. Hmmm where exactly is the invisibility cloak? This is one of the FIRST things they should have shown us, instead it's nowhere to be found! How are people suppose to make the connection between the cloak and the Deathly Hollows? Or Harry's ancestry? 
  5. Where is the first group that got caught by the snatchers? Including Tonk's dad, the two goblins, and I think Dean Thomas?
  7. Whose was the EYE on the door of Umbridge? IT WAS MAD EYE'S EYE!!! You know the superhero that DIED? IT WOULD PROVE SATISFYING IF YOU WOULD AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT!
  8. Krum wasn't at the weeding O.o
  9. In the book they swallow an incredible amount of Polyjuice potion! At the wedding Harry was supposed to assume the form of one of the Weasley's cousins so that people didn't know he was there; When they go back to Godric's Hollow both Harry and Hermione assume the form of somebody else for extra safety, plus they use the FREAKING INVISIBILITY CLOAK!
  10. The encounter of Mr. Weasely and Percy at the ministry.
  11. The whole lot of people they save at the ministry.
  12. The story of Dumbledore's mother and sister. The whole friendship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Oh and I don't remember Grindelwald telling Voldemort where the freaking wand was.
  13. Dudley and Harry had a very touching departure! NEVER HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE.
  14. Ron's Ghoul who takes his place so that they could fool the ministry into thinking Ron was VERY sick and that is the reason he couldn't go to Hogwarts.
  15. The conversation between Harry and the Goblin when Harry tells him to lie and say that the sword of Gryffindor was a false. Also the sword wasn't lost! There were two of them, one on Bellatrix's vault (the false one) and the one they "find" (the real one).
  16. The taboo on Voldemort's name?
  17. The story of Ron when he leaves Harry; we never know what Ron's been up to O.o
  18. The conversation between Ron and Harry when he comes back about Hermione.
  19. They didn't introduce the Hollows early enough. If this doesn't happen then Harry can't become obsess with them which then, after he gets over them, it's what makes him WORTHY OF BEING THE FREAKING MASTER OF DEATH.
  20. Also, Harry was supposed to find a letter by his mother at Grimmauld Place.
  21. Expelliarmus is Harry's trade mark move, that's how they discover him at the battle in the sky. This is important!
  22. Also, Harry takes a freaking long time in the movie figuring out the Snitch thing, in the book they figure it out the same night it's given to him.
These are some of the reasons HP7 made me cry. On the bright side it looked awesome, and I loved how they did the whole tale of the 3 Brothers. Also I liked the beginning where they explain why Hermione's parents don't remember her. I also liked that they killed Hedwig in a heroic manner.

I love HP, and when they said that they were going to divide the movie in two I thought that this way they wouldn't have to skip so many stuff. Some of the things I mentioned could have been skipped sure, but things like not showing the Invisibility Cloak? The taboo on Voldemort's name? And stuff like that, it's just annoying.


  1. o.O Wow. I actually thought, considering how much you HAVE to leave out to keep even half of the book in an acceptable movie time, that it was a fantastic adaption and amazingly well done. The only thing I wish they had fixed was the wedding and the departure with the Dursleys; besides that, all of it makes sense for them to take out strictly on time limit.

    I mean, let's face it - it's a much better adaption than, say, Order of the Phoenix or Half-Blood Prince.

    I actually thought Dobby helping Kreacher was an epic way to bring him back into the movie better than just having him show up in the Bellatrix scene.

    And I cried because of Dobby.

  2. I was thinking about rereading the series before I see the last movie (part 2), but now I think I'll wait until after. The less I can remember about the books, I think, the more I'll enjoy the movies! I have to say, though, sometimes I wish that they'd made HP into a mini-series or something so that they could include EVERYTHING. Like Peeves!

  3. I agree. Although, I really didn't expect them to be that faithful to the book. So I was kind of prepared for some kind of disappointment when I went to the theater.

  4. I AGREE!!!!!!!!!! With ALL of the above! The last movie is going to have to be a million hours long if they want to fit in all they SKIPPED OVER! I mean NOT telling us about Dumbledore's sister and him and Ginderwald?!? Thats a HUGE part of the book! GAH! Once again David Yates has failed us...

  5. I totally agree with you. Some very important things were left out. I did enjoy the movie, but these missing scenes are just another reason why the book is always better than the movie...no matter how good the movie is!


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