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Wednesday 17 November 2010

CSN Stores Review; Super Cute Bookshelf!

CSN Stores is known for giving you great products at a fair price. On the past I had reviewed a DVD Shelf (which is still standing tall and beautiful) and now I am about to review a bookshelf. Let's begin.

First with the pros. It's fantastic! I was looking for something that wasn't BIG, like my other bookshelf, because, well, Randy (my big bookshelf) can get jealous, and also I didn't want another big bookshelf towering over me. So I picked this nice medium sized bookshelf for $79.99. It's got 3 shelves, and it's dimensions are 42" H x 25.25" W x 11.25" D. Almost all of my books fit in there, which actually surprised me because I had a lot of books in my floor! I played Tetris with my books, got creative, and made it work (as you can see in the picture above). Also if you are in a dorm this would be a great fit for you, believe me I am in college too and this bookshelf did wonders.

PS; This shelf is the shelf of the books that I have yet to read... Eeeks!

Other than picking all my books from the floor, this shelf is great because it looks great. It's an open concept, no black panel in the back to make it look all depressing, but rather it has something in the back that keeps the books from falling. Also this shelf is sort of like my DVD Shelf because it has this openings on the side, which I'm glad about because now it looks like I have a theme of sorts xD

And finally the shelf doesn't wiggle! At all! And it's so easy to put together. I needed it to be easy to put together because, well, I'm not that good with stuff like this and if it was harder it would be  pain in the butt. You can even put it together without instructions (though I had mine).  Also, fast shipping, I was expecting the thing to get to my house about a week later than when it made an appearance.

Now for the cons...

The only con I could find is that as I, with the help of my roommate, was putting the shelf together we couldn't find two screws that were suppose to go on the top. We were kind of worried, but apparently we don't need them very much because it didn't damage the shelf at all. Lucky!

Final Verdict: All of this for $79.99. The price may seem a bit too much, but I don't think it is because the quality of the product is good, and quality makes a world's difference. I gotta say, if you are in the mood for a new bookshelf just go online and look up www.CSNStores.com, they really do give you your money's worth!

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