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Saturday 6 November 2010

An Interview with Y.S.Lee (YA Author) + Giveaway!!!

Y.S.Lee is the author of the much acclaimed series The Agency. The Agency is a young-adult series, who involves around the life of Mary Quinn an orphan turned detective, and all wrapped with small hints of romance. The first book in the series is called A Spy in the House, followed by The Body at the Tower, and after that one comes The Traitor and the Tunnel (2012).

Also, these books have amazing covers, so add that with the kick ass plot and you got yourself a treat ;)

  • Describe your series with one word.

Fisticuffs. Lots of’em, physical and otherwise.

  •  If you could throw any supernatural character into your series, which would be and why? How do you think it would go if suddenly a vampire appeared in front of Mary or James? Or maybe a werewolf...

You’re trying to edge me into the whole vampires vs werewolves debate, aren’t you? But I’m all for zombies. Did you know that the Victorians were somewhat obsessed with the idea of false death? That’s where the tradition of waiting a few days before burial comes from: it was supposed to reduce the chances of accidentally burying someone alive. A few people went so far as to have bells or other noisemakers included in the coffin so that someone who woke up underground could sound the alarm.

  • Which YA novel are you expecting the most for next year? Or even this fall? Other than your next novel of course, which by the by when is your next novel planned to hit bookstores all over America?

I can’t wait for my friend Stephanie Burgis’s debut, KAT, INCORRIGIBLE, to go on sale in North America in May 2011. It’s already out in the UK and it’s an absolute delight: action-packed, charming, warm, funny. And my next novel, The Traitor and the Tunnel, will be published in spring 2012.

  • What's your favorite part of writing your world? The characters? The plots? Rituals? How does the magic take place?

The truly magical part, for me, is reading or imagining something that sends me on a crazy research trail. An idea, a phrase, an anecdote – something that sends the whole plot or theme spinning in a new direction. I’m a sucker for the aha! moment.

  •  I was just thinking, when I think of Mary I think that I might see Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl playing her in a movie, what do you think? In a movie which actors would play your characters?

I always squirm at this question because I really, truly don’t know. I’d like whoever plays Mary to reflect her family background accurately. And Sara at the Hiding Spot likes James McAvoy for James Easton!

OMG yes!! He is perrrfect!! Now I want to watch Atonement again...

  • And! Could you give us any glimpse into your next Agency novel? A summary, date, anything! Hehe

I’ll give you a sneak preview of the teaser I’ll soon be posting at my website! The book is The Traitor and the Tunnel and it’ll be published in spring 2012 by Candlewick Press.

Queen Victoria has a little problem: there’s a petty thief at work in Buckingham Palace. Mary Quinn takes the simple case, going undercover as a domestic servant. But before long, a scandal threatens to tear apart the Royal Family.
One of the Prince of Wales’s irresponsible young friends is killed in disgraceful circumstances. Should the Queen hush things up or allow justice to take its course? Mary’s interest in this private matter soon becomes deeply personal: the killer, a drug-addicted Chinese sailor, shares a name with her long-lost father.
Meanwhile, James Easton’s engineering firm is repairing the sewers beneath Buckingham Palace. Trouble is, there’s a tunnel that’s not on the plans. Its purpose is unclear. But it seems to be very much in use.
These overlapping puzzles offer a perfect opportunity for James and Mary to work together again… if they can still trust one another. This is Mary’s most personal case yet and she has everything to lose.

Eeeks! What!?? 2012?! They want us to cry don't they? Wait a whole year for the book... I hope they decide to publish it a bit earlier xD And I gotta say, I love the idea of James MCavoy for James! It's perfect! Him and Jessica Szohr for me would totally be perfect for the parts, hmm I feel a casting post coming soon...

Now, thanks for reading the interview, I hope you liked it and that it got you interested in the series, if you want to know more about Y.S.Lee and her novels click here and it will take you to her official website!

Now, if you reaally want to read the first book in the series, just comment in this post and you will be entered in my giveaway for A Spy in the House.

Rules for the giveaway:
  • US only (Sorry Int guys!)
  • Must be a Bloody follower
  • Comment on this interview and let me know what you think!
  • Love to read.
  • Ends on Nov.24
Good Luck!!

...2012... too long a wait!


  1. Wow! This series sounds awesome. And I have to agree that zombies rock. :)


  2. Great interview. I love tha aha! moment.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I am a bloody follower.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  3. I loved the questions you asked. And the cover for Kat Incorrigible is so adorable!
    James Mcavoy always catches the eye too.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  4. I love books set in that time of history and it's set in London, which makes it all the better! I've heard such great things about this book and I want to see what's it's about. Great interview!

    twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com

  5. I just read a review on this book yesterday and it sounds so good...thanks for the chance to win it!

  6. I enjoyed the interview and the chance to find out more about The Agency series. I enjoy stories set in the Victorian era, so this series sounds great.

    GFC follower

  7. Oh.my.god. 2012 ? Is she serious ? :(( They have to publish it earlier ..

    Ps. no entry. Just wanted to shake off my disappointment. 2012!!

  8. Great interview! I just love the word "fisticuffs"! I love zombies as well, there should be more of them in YA.


  9. Great interview! Too short - but I will just head over to the website for more! I would so love a copy of the first book - so please enter me!

    apereiraorama @ gmail.com

  10. This interview was really fun! (and that teaser! talk about torture--2012? REALLY?!)

    No need to enter me in the giveaway, Taschima. I already have the first book in the series ;) But thank you for the interview!

  11. That was a great interview. I have seen her books a couple times at the bookstore and they are on my wish list.

    Thanks for the giveaway, I'm a follower


  12. Great interview! I think the cover looks awesome too. Thanks for the chance to read it.

    I'm a follower


  13. Great interview!! I'd love to win this one f or my grandaughter, who is an avid reader..(takes after her grandma!!)

    follower on gfc

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  14. I love historical books set in England.

    sgiden at verizon.net

  15. Thanks for the great interview. I look forward to reading these books. I'm a huge fan of historical fiction and these sound great!


    rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

  16. Thanks for sharing about the Agency. I'm always looking for a new series to read.

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  17. Avid reader - over 200 books this year.
    Sounds like a great new YA title.
    I follow.
    bkhabel at gmail dot com

  18. Zombies are definately a win, right? haha I'm absolutely fascinated. I can never stop reading, and am always looking for a novel to pick up. :))

  19. I've been wanting to read this book for a while since it's centered around the Victorian Age. I'm a history buff. :) I like that instead of going for the vampires and wolves Y.S. Lee wants to put in zombies. And that the concept would fit into the worries of the people during the time! Thanks for the interview and contest!

    Sarah L
    two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

  20. I'm a follower and I love to read. Historally adventure/mysteries are a favorite of mine.

    My favorite part of the interview was when Ms. Lee was talking about the moment she gets an idea that sends on a research trail.


  21. I heard about these books on ... The Book Smugglers I think. And I was instantly intrigued. I got stuck in the school whirlwind (still there ...) and so I haven't picked up the first yet - so please enter me in the contest! Thanks! :)

    apereiraorama @ gmail.com

  22. Why am I just now hearing about this series? These sound great! Also, I'm overly appreciative of any post that includes James McAvoy pictures.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  23. Interesting interview. I have heard about what the author said about putting the bells in the coffins before. I wonder how often they actually needed to be used?? Anyway, I love historicals and this sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. awesome interview! sounds like aseries ill enjoy

    Id love to rea dthe first one in this series for sure ty for the chance im a follower


  25. Sounds like a great series. I'd love the first one. I just love James McAvoy as well!! Thanks for the contest!!

  26. OMG! Been dying to read this series! Can't believe the third book doesn't release until 2012. Long way away. I've really been wanting some historical mystery and these books sound perfect! James McAvoy is HOT! lol. Great interview twin! :D

    I'm a bloody follower who loves to read. :P


  27. This is one amazing series, the author really creates the story thats so easy to escape into. I love the characters, their very relatable! and both covers look awesome!Thanks for the giveaway!! Im so excited for her next book in the series!

    arudd908 @ Gmail (dot) Com

  28. This looks lovely! Great interview :]
    I'm a bloody follower :]

  29. This book sounds really good!
    I'm a follower.


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