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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Real REAL Teaser!

This novel is so freaking awesome!

It has totally entertained me. I have to agree with the New York Daily News when they say that Emma and Nicola have found their true calling in YA. Everything clicks! Their comedy, their way of writing, their characters, their plot. It is a wonderful ride.

Ridiculously short summary: The Real Real is about 4 students who are picked to start in a T.V.Show that is supposed to show the normal lives of teenagers.

Complete Summary:

"When Jesse O'Rourke gets chosen to be part of the cast of a new documentary series, The Real Hampton Beach, about seniors dealing with the real world and real issues, she has considerable reservations, but the offer of $40,000 in college tuition is too good to turn down. It sounds easy enough–pretend to be best friends with people you despise, wear designer clothes you cannot afford, and give up any semblance of privacy–right? If only it were that simple.

Between the phony friendships, the staged fights, and the product placements, Jesse can no longer differentiate between what's real and what looks good on television. She and the other players are just pawns in the network's moneymaking game. However, that changes when Jesse gets dirt on the network's president of programming. Now they have the upper hand and can finally regain control over their lives. This book is far more entertaining than most of the so-called reality programs on television."

My Real Real Teaser:

"I look around in the chirp-filled stillness. Nothing. No van. No cameras. Tentatively I extract the envelope from the velour paws and open it.
On the florist's card is printed, beneath the glittered illustration of flowers and hearts, Let's get away from it all, just the two of us, Drew.
Get away. With me. Drew. Me. Not Nico. Take that, FrankenTrisha! Yes. Yes! "Yes!" I cry out, toothbrush aloft, bouncing up and down on my porch, the invitation clutched to my chest.
"And cut."
I freeze.
"Moving on!"
... I look down at the fake invitation I just did a Snoopy dance over, mortified."

Talking about the Real Real...


Look at the Real Real covers. I like the second one. I think it looks more glamorous because it's not trying too much. The glamour is on the lip-gloss, on the teeth, on the way the girl is not showing her eyes, like how superstars hide their eyes behind dark glasses. The first one is trying to look glamorous, and there is when it fails.


  1. Great Teaser and I agree with you on cover choice. I like when the character is left up to the imagination it gives the book some mystery!

  2. Oi! This has me wanting to read it more now. And I do like the second cover better, its simple and pretty and the old cover looks like it just has way too much going on.

  3. Well done trailer, but this book just isn't my taste. I'm a picky reader lol.


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