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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Books and...


I was thinking how books and reading have affected my life. Before I dived into the reading world I can honestly say I was a walking zombie. I didn't really see or remember most of the things I was doing, and was just walking through life without a real purpose. But then came along books...

When books touched my life they ignited in my a desire for basically everything. A desire to experience, a desire to learn... they also woke me up. I remember the first book I read, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (I skipped the first one), and that book was so awesome that I became a Harry Potter junkie. At first I only read Harry Potter; Harry Potter was the center of my universe (still kind of is). But then after I read the books about 5 times, each, I decided that there had to be more to it! More to reading I mean, and thus I became the only member in my family that currently reads. Sad, I know. But awesome for me ;)

Books also affected my career choice. Before I wanted to be an architect. Math and drawing are some of my fortes. But when I really got into arquitecture I decided that it just didn't inspire me anymore. I got bored with my first career. But books make me happy, and I decided that as long as I had books life would be alright. Thus I want to become a part of the publishing world!

How have books affected YOUR life? Have they changed anything? Maybe a career choice? Or the way you look at life, maybe even the way you think about people...

Books are not a hobby, they are a lifestyle, and those who get into this lifestyle are the luckiest people in the world.


  1. I've been reading like a madperson from the time I knew what books were. Books are really a huge part of my life and a new release, the most likely thing to get me excited in my life! I've looked into publishing a bit, but I'm not sure if joining 'the other side' would destroy some of the mystery that comes with just picking up a random book from a random genre at a random book store. I never want books to become 'just a job' - but if I could have it both ways, getting paid to read awesome books, hey. :)

  2. Architecture? Really? o.o

    Books have definetely affected my life: they've made me think about my future career and how I see people. I've learned so much from books! I carry the knowledge with me wherever I go. Being a voracious reader has served me in the best way possible :)

    I totally agree with the the last line of your post. Books ARE a lifestyle and anyone that hasn't invited books into their lives are missing out...

  3. Beautiful post...and well said! I've been an avid reader most of my life and enjoy every minute of it. Breaking into the world of publishing in some fashion would be fabulous to say the least...but in the mean time, I always have another adventure waiting for me between the pages. Thanks for sharing...and happy reading...

  4. What a great post! I agree with you- books really do change a person's life. I wouldn't be the same person that I am today if I didn't read. I especially agree with the part about "igniting a desire." You really put my thoughts into words!

  5. Haha, my first career choice was to be a singer. ;) But then I got into reading book in Kindergarten and I learned in 4th grade that REAL PEOPLE actually write them. Haha, should have seen my face when I learned that, apparently my 4th grade English teacher thought it was hilarious.

    But then it made me want to be a writer, and since then it's been my dream to be a published author. :) I also kind of want to get into the publishing business as maybe an agent or something. :)

  6. @Pirate Penguin YES! I still love drafting, but Architecture has so much technicality, it just bores me.

    @All of you, thank you =]

  7. Great post and now I see we have something else in common. A few weeks ago, we did a POST about what books really inspired us to become more avid readers. I give my credit to Harry Potter also. I started reading the first one for the heck of it and then I became hooked.

    Now my appetite for reading has grown to the point of obsession. My husband teases me about it, but I always remind him there are worse habits to have!

    My passion has always been History & English. I even wanted to go to school for History but chickened out b/c it didn't seem "practical". Instead, I followed Journalism track because I have a knack for writing. My problem was, is actually, that I'm not very creative so although I can string words together nicely, I'm not good at coming up with storylines.

    Soooooo this leads me to think that maybe (just maybe) I can have a future as an Editor. Watch out, I'm lethal w/ a red pen, LOL!

    I hope to go back one day and finish the degree I started...but this time it's going to be in something I love and that's editing books and/or History.

    Phew, sorry for the long-winded comment! Great post :)

  8. You have a wonderful blog site.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  9. I used to hate reading, but a couple years back I rediscovered my love of books, and since then I've been what you could call a "bookaholic" (:
    Books changed my life in many ways -- they made the drama in my life more bearable, by providing a constantly-present escape, and they also raised my English grade.
    But most importantly, books changed my life because they made me realize who I wanted to be when I grew up: an author. And since then it's been my dream, and I'm not giving up on it. (:

  10. @Book ♥ Soulmates There ARE worse obssesion! And I too like hystory, but I'm more into World History than American history (yuck). Hope you go back and finish that degree. Best of luck <3

    @Kelly McDermott-Bay Thank you =]

    @Alice reading also helped me with my english, me being latina and all ;)

    PS; Don't ever give up your dream.

  11. Thanks!! I'll need it, lol. I agree. American History is alright, but I love European History :)


  12. I love books so much but having a little one takes alot of your time. So I try to get all my reading in when he is sleeping or playing with daddy. I always have a book within arms reach.
    Reading is a love and adventure I get to go on when I get a break ;)

  13. I've always loved reading, I love the whimsy and fantasy of being torn away from reality even if it's only a few hours a day. Also I started collecting cookbooks when I was 11 and have ever since been fascinated with food and how it tells a story of it's own! Thats when I knew i wanted to tell my own story through food! Now I work at a Disney Bakeshop and I bring fairy tales to life every day in cakes, pastries, show pieces and chocolates. I really love making people smile through my stories and it all started with my book obsession too!

  14. I've always loved to read. :) This past year, I would say that the whole Twilight Saga got me interested in reading again and brought me back to the love of books. Now, I'm busy working on writing my second book... all because of reading.

  15. That was beautifully put. Books have definitely changed my life, and they are my passion. I agree that books are a lifestyle, and (in my opinion) the best lifestyle (at least, for the ones who love to read!)

  16. Well said, Taschmina! I love being in the blogging community because I get to be in the company of fellow book nerds like myself! :D


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