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Monday 19 April 2010

Pictures of My Real Bookshelf **Update**

Bookshelf part 2! Last time I posted pictures of my bookshelf, everything was very organized, and I had sooo much space for extra books and stuff, but now... ITS OVERCROWDED!

Pictures from the highest part of the shelf to the lowest.

My Read Shelf

My shelf is adorned by Betty Book and a Guitar Hero Dog! The game of Betty Boop is very cute and everything, but I will tell you a little secret, I swear to God we have never used it! My mom guards like if it were her child (Hello Mom? I thought I was your child!)

The first part of the shelf is STILL Vamp Kingdom. Pokemon has taken a little space, but Pokemon is so awesome it doesn't really matter. On my last pictures the books were on their feet, on this one? Forget about it! They are making space for the other worthy new members of the family.

Here is the list if you can't see them well... Stephenie Meyer, Claudia Gray, P. C. Cast, Richelle Mead, Melissa De La Cruz, Alison Noel, L. J. Smith, and last but not least Scott Westerfeld.

Careful children, this part of the shelf is just not PG 13. Keep reading if you think you are safe, but If I find emails from hysteric mothers tomorrow I will find you, and kill you. Let's continue...

This USED to be Magical Land. Well guess what? Magical Land has evacuated and Steamy Land has moved in. With authors like J. R. Ward, Y. S. Lee, Gail Carriger, Jeaniene Frost, Charlaine Harris, and so much more.

After this, it's pure Randomness Land... From J. K. Rowling to Anna Godbersen. Cassandra Clare also makes an appearance... Beautiful Creatures is there (UK Cover), The Real Real, Wicked Lovely, The Gemma Doyle series, Prophecy of the Sisters, Wondrous Strange... AND THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!! Pure randomness I tell you.

And more!!!!

The Manga Section. I don't read much manga, well, not as much as other people at least. But I still like it!Theres Inuyasha, D. N. Angel, THE KINGDOM HEARTS MANGA, Bleach, Dragon Ball, and more. The Read shelf has been so overcrowded that Ive had to take my Chiis' and put them elsewhere, sad but true.

And this concludes my "Ive Read" bookshelf. Now this are the books I haven't read...

Decorated by Star Wars...

My Not-Read-Yet-Shelf

I made that mask! It was on 8th grade,
and I was inspired by Bleach.

My Final Fantasy 13 Collectors Guide and the game. Love them! The last picture holds movies and Ps3 games. We kind of needed more space for movies, so I sacrificed 2/5 of my shelf.

Well this was an update, what do you think? I should stop buying books shouldn't I? xD I can't help it (and tell me the truth, neither can you).

Read - Not Read


  1. I'd like to sneak into your room and borrow some. :) Kidding! Taschima! I love the Bleach-inspired mask! :D I miss Ichigo. Looks like you have tons to read. Happy reading!

  2. Loved the pics! You have a truly impressing bookshelf! :)

  3. I love your site. Any chance I could subscribe by email?

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  4. Wow, that's a lot of books. I have a lot of the same books. Cool pics.

  5. I am so jealous!! Your books are so well arranged and such wonderful books too-cool!!
    I love that mask :)

  6. Your bookshelf makes me green with envy (hey now I match your Yoda haha). Also I am a huge Star Wars fan like in a galaxy far, far away huge fan!

  7. I adore your bookshelves!(And of course all the lovely books on them.) I don't have a bookshelf anywhere in my room. Though I have over 300 books. All of my books are either on top of my TV stand, at the very top of my nightstand (It's one of those ones with the mirror and shelves.), in the two shelves on my dresser, or at the top of my desk (It's kind of like a bureau looking thing.) SO you are lucky. :P

    Okay, enough about bookshelves, lol. I want your FF13 and it's collectible. :P Oh, and of course a lot of your books.

    I miss Inuyasha and Bleach sooo deeply. :( I haven't read a manga in a while either. Lol. :( Miss those too.

    Like Mars, Fruits Basket. :(

    Do you read those?

  8. Man I love to watch other people's bookshelves, especially when they're stuffed with so many awesome books!

  9. I cannot wait to start the Bleach series. I'm just waiting for my library to have Volumes 1-9 on the shelves before I start reading it. I'd hate to start it and then be waiting for weeks on end waiting for someone else to finish reading the next volume that I'm waiting one.

    I LOVE the way you separated your shelves by genre-ish.

  10. That is a good amount of books.

    I really like how you have a read bookshelf and a TBR shelf. I should probably do that. Except I have 4 going on 5 bookshelves. That would be a project.

  11. Gosh, my tbr bookshelf has literally expolded onto the floor, it has invaded my two other bookshelves (the two that are in my bedroom anyway) and books are sneaking into the livingroom, hiding out in the lower level of my coffee table (it has a top and a lower shelf - perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, small dogs and sneaky-tbr-books to hide out in) and any other bookshelf they can find space on. TBR-books are ALL over the place now - because I also cannot stop buying books. Who can stop? They're so pretty, shiny, attractive and these books LOVE us to buy them.....sigh!

    I keep telling myself that I'm stocking up on books to read over the summer when I'll have more time and less money. This excuse always works on myself. :)

  12. Wow nice I wish I had that many

  13. Oh God you have so many, and they all are interesting. I must keep all the photos so I can have inspiration next time I will want to buy something. So many titles that haven't appeared in my country.

    Ps: you read more manga than i do. I have only one title: Gravitation EX. (^_^)

  14. Awesome shelves! I don't think I have quite that many books, but I wish I did.:D

  15. Oh my! Want your bookshelf! It's totally awesome :) .

  16. Mine used to look like that(only worse, no really it was). Then I donated a lot of them(& got my grandparents to make me a bigger bookshelf for my birthday ;) )

  17. Holy Crap! how, how can you afford so many =O wow, but yeah, i understand, I cannot stop buying books either, they have their own alluring charm! It is compelling!

    A W E S O M E! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Although, suppose I can't say anything, my shelves haven't got much space left, though definitely not as many as you! But I'll just get another shelf to make room =D

    Jess :)

  18. Oh my! I love seeing pics of book shelves filled with soo many good books. :D My shelves isn't that big not yet anyways! Thanks for sharing!

  19. wow! what a bookshelf ...it's more like a library =P


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