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Saturday 28 February 2015

Harry Potter POP Vinyl Collection on Sale this July!


A.K.A. the main reason to keep living on this green earth. I am a POP vinyl collector. There is something about the small cute figurines that just grab my attention and make me pull out my wallet. Currently I have 13 Pops residing at my house, and this number is soon to increase (well, this July at any rate).
My Crew:

(from left to right) Raven, Superman, Crowley (Supernatural), Goku, Charlie (Supernatural), Castiel (Supernatural), Darryl (Walking Dead), Daenerys Targaryen (GOT), Emmett Brown (Back to the Future), Marty (Back to the Future), Miku, Joker Batman, and finally, with the one ring to rule them all, Sauron.

 I present to you, The Harry Potter Pop Vinyl Collection:
 First things first, they look AMAZING. I mean look at that level of detail! I am absolutely in love with Dumbledore's Pop, and I love that they all have wands. I also love the detail of Hagrid being taller than all the others. Ron looks so pasty, Hermione looks amazing, and I love Harry's glasses. Snape looks just as mean as I remember him being, and that just delights me.

 So, who is missing in this picture? Fred & George for one. I would LOVE to have those silly kids in my collection (maybe wearing the famous  F & G shirts their mom makes them for Christmas?), Luna Lovegood (PLEASE), Neville (hmmm, eh), Bellatrix (YESSS), etc.

Most importantly, the Dark Lord is missing, and you know you would not want to make the Dark Lord feel excluded and get him all mad, so Pop Vinyl is also making him a POP so he can give us all nightmares for years to come:

No picture of the actual POP yet, but this is something we can work with. I wish he had his famous smile plastered but oh well I still like the depiction of Voldemort. This July I am going to be like a kid at a candy store when I see all those POPs hit the store, my grin is going to be bigger than that one time Voldie thought he'd won the war and actually smiled.

July can't get here fast enough.
PS; I have no association with POP whatsoever, I wish, but I want to believe these POPs might be about $12-13 a pop. Better start saving up people!

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