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Thursday 17 May 2012

So I started reading Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter...

"Kate," he said softly. "It has been a difficult day, and I am sorry for the worry I have put you through this afternoon. However, no matter how hard things become, no matter how much time it takes for both of us to adjust to this new life, never doubt that I want you here. You are capable and insightful, and you are better suited to stand beside me as my queen than any mortal I have ever known."
My heart sank. His reasons were rational, but had no heart. If Henry had his way, I was certain that his queen was all I would ever be to him, but there was no point in pressing the issue. He'd answered me."
 Seriously, just what exactly is wrong with this guy? The last book ended with them good with each other, supposedly loving each other, at least starting to love each other, and now it's like nothing ever happened. Does Henry have Alzheimer? It's as good an explanation as any.Then again space could make the heart forget, and they were apart for 6 months, so who knows. I am just so over Henry, seriously, I could understand you not being all touchy feely with her at the beginning of the other book, but this girl is going and has gone through heaven and hell for you, sometimes literally, and you are going to act as the new Ice Prince? (Sorry Ash, it looks like someone took your previous position.). Not cool dude.
"I swallowed. I'd already made my desicion the moment I'd married him. I loved him, and walking away and letting him fade wasn't an option, no matter what it cost me.
I could do this. I had to do this. For Henry's sake- for my mother's sake. For my sake. Because in the end, without Henry, I didn't know who I was anymore, and every night during my summer in Greece, I'd gone to sleep dreaming about what it would be like to spend the rest of my existence loving him and being loved in return. As long as Igave him a chance, this could be everything I hoped it would be. Henry was worth the risk."
Oh hell no. As soon as I read this in the book alarms started going off in my head, and not the soft kind of alarms used to wake you up in the morning, huge horrible sounding ones that are used when zombies attack. The part I put on bold is what basically bothered me. It may sound "romantic" or something to some, but really this shouldn't be a reality! You can't depend on a man to define yourself! And that Kate feels like this... she is a nice strong girl, but this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I think our main girl should be comfortable enough in her own skin, by herself. This doesn't send the best message out there, and I hope that by the end of the book it gets rectified.

Goddess Test by Aimee Carter Those are two of the things that have bothered me about the book. Not even the references about how the gods all sleep around together bothers me (hey, they are gods and have been around for a while, things are bound to happen). I have even changed teams to Team James (he is more emotionally accessible and demonstrates that he cares about Kate). The story is still a good one, and Kate is making some very poor decisions that are bound to blow up in her face, so can't wait to see how that is going to turn out. And hey! We get to meet Persephone! Who doesn't love a blast from the past?


  1. Ooh am I the only one who still loves Henry? But yes I was a bit annoyed at him at the beginning of the book too but he does (kind of) have his reasons...

  2. I can't stand when a man is all a girl has in her life. Sfjlkdjflksdfjlkdsfkdslfdskfdsjfkds.

  3. You should really read The Goddess Hunt! Its the novella inbetween books 1 and 2. I think you will really understand Henry more if you do! Heres my review of it http://mortalitybitesreviews.blogspot.com/2012/03/review-goddess-hunt.html

  4. Read this last month and I started to cry. People like Henry just make things like smiling and chuckling so much more valuable. It's like whenever he cracks a smile, it's so notable. Enjoy! It's a really good read.


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