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Saturday 5 May 2012

One of the Many Reasons I love The Morganville Vampires and it's Human Residents

The relationships between humans and vampires are always complicated, and destined to fail at some point or another if the human part decides to never turn vamp. But in Morganville there's this couple, Eve and Michael, who have been in a relationship for more than 10 books. Eve is the human, and Michael is the vampire. You know how the human part of the relationship is always thought of as weak? As a lamb? And it's almost always portrayed like that too in novels, but not in Morganville. This is one of the many reasons I love this series. Read the quote below and tell me it's not fantastical:
I looked down. There was a small silver knife buried in my right side to the hilt. The skin was starting to smolder and burn around it. 
Eve was breathing hard now, and there were tears rolling down her face, but she looked tough all the same. Unyielding. 
"I can stop you," she said. "I can always stop you if I have to, Michael, damn you. I could have put that in your heart because you weren't ready for it, because you'll always be vulnerable to me even if you don't want to be. So we're even. Because I'll always be that way to you, too. That's called trust. It's called love." She grabbed the knife and pulled it swiftly out, and I choked and collapsed sideways on the sleeping bag. God, it hurt. Badly. I shuddered and writhed as the silver's influence continued to punish me, but it wasn't a fatal wound-not even close. She'd picked her spot, and the duration of the blow, very well. And in a weird way, I loved the pain. I needed it. 
I deserved it. 
"You hear me, Michael? Don't even try to think you're the only badass in this room. I will not let you do that to me again, ever, so you can stop obsessing about how damn powerful you are and how weak I am. I am not weak. Screw you for even thinking it. Get over yourself, your vampire angst, and your power trip." 
She pushed up from her feet, staring at me for a moment, then walked away with the silver knife glinting in her hand. 
I pulled in just enough breath to gasp, in genuine surprise, "Is it crazy right now to say I love you?" 
She didn't even pause. "Given that I just stabbed you? Seems a little weird, yeah." 
"I do," I said, and put my head down again. "God, Eve. I do so much it;s killing me. I just don't want it to kill you to."
I love her! You go Eve! Kick some vampire boyfriend ass and set him straight! Give it up for human power!


  1. I love Claire and Eve. Eve is hilarious, and I love her confidence and strength! Claire is smart, and while sometimes she doesn't always do the smartest things in the heat of the moment, she is loyal.

    I think they are my two most favourite characters in the series :)

  2. I am with you on Team Myrnin. I LOVE Myrnin! And I don't really like Shane. He gets on my last nerve on a regular basis, lol.


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