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Saturday 26 May 2012

Sophmore Covers You Might Have Missed.

Days of Blood and Starlight (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #2)
TB.Published: November 6th, 2012.

The Serpent's Kiss (the beauchamp family, #2)
TB.Published: June 12th, 2012. 

The Torn Wing (The Faerie Ring #2)
Sequel to The Faerie Ring.
TB.Published: October 2nd, 2012.

Dearly, Beloved (Gone With the Respiration #2)
Sequel to Dearly, Departed.
TB.Published: September 25th, 2012.

Fuse (Pure, #2)
Sequel to Pure.
T.B.Published: February 19th, 2013.

Days of Blood and Starlight has an amazing cover! I specially liked that they went with red for the tattoo, and I love the model's makeup, very smokie...On the other hand I didn't like the cover for Dearly, Beloved (After the first one? This one isn't even playing in the same league) or the cover for The Torn Wing (at least this cover goes with the first one though). I am so so on Fuse (I imagine the cover allures to something in the story line) and Serpent's Kiss (pretty photo, goes with with the first one, but it doesn't have the "wow" factor). I hope you enjoyed them and add these to your T.B.R. pile!


  1. I spy, with my little eye, three girls that look like they could be dead... le sigh.

  2. The others are so so, but the cover of Days of Blood and Starlight is awesome. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Pretty much missed all of these covers! This is what happens when I go on vacay!! Thanks for sharing! They're beautiful!!

  4. @Nicole Interesting... I see it in Serpent's Kiss (though I like to think of her as sleeping because she still has some color on her cheeks) and the other two would be Torn Wings and Dearly Beloved correct? Why do you say this? I am just curious :)

    @Cayce I know right? My favorite is Days of Blood and Starlight, very kickass. The others are, meh though Fuse intrigues me.

    @Valia Lind TYhat's why I'm here! I hope you enjoyed them :D

  5. This is the first time I have seen the cover for Days of Blood and Starlight and it is just as beautiful as Daughter of Smoke and Bone! So Excited =D

  6. I keep going back to Days of Blood and Starlight. Oh man, if that's supposed to be a tattoo - imagine how much that would hurt. Makes me cring, thinking about it. On the other hand, my daughter has played around with eye makeup and ended up with similar designs around her eyes. Beautiful. Dramatic. Beautiful.

  7. I definitely had missed most of these-Days of Blood and Starlight is very eye-catching!

  8. Thanks! I've missed the cover of Fuse, so thanks. It's very pretty ^^

  9. Those are some seriously gorgeous covers.


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