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Tuesday 29 May 2012

So I started reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

"He attacked again. As quick as Karou was, she couldn't get clear of the reach of his sword. A strike aimed at her throat glanced off her scapula instead. There was no pain- that would come later, unless she was dead- only spreading head that she knew was blood. Another stike, and she parried it with her slat of wood, which split like kindling, half of it falling away so she held a mere dagger's lenght of old wood, a ridiculoud excuse for a weapon. Yet when the angel came at her again she dodged in close to him and thrust, felt the wood catch flesh sink in.
Karou has stabbed men before, and she hated it, the gruesome feeling of penetrating living flesh. She pulled back, leaving her makeshift weapon in his side. His face registered neither pain nor surprise. It was, Karou thought as he closed in, a dead face. Or rather, the living face of a dead soul. 
It was utterly terrifying. 
He had her cornered now, and they both knew she wouldn't get away. She was vaguely aware of shouts of amazement and fear up the alley and from windows, but all of her focus was on the angel. What did it even mean, angel? What had Izil said? The seraphim are here."
So one of the things that I find interesting about this book, as of right now in page 119, is that the angels seem to be the enemy. We are on the side of "evil" and the angels seem more terrifying than the demons. Soulless even. It is a nice change of pace, even though not completely new.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is also creative in many areas. The world created in the story has it's own creatures. it's own world, it's own everything. It is very interesting to learn about it.

Another thing I find interesting is how the book has been revolving about the concept of wish granting. I like how there are different levels of wishes, like money. A scuppie does a very small wish, like making someone itch, a gavriel is like the second most powerful wish, can turn you invisible or make you fly, and then comes the bruxis, the ultimate wish granter that can only be obtained if you take out your own teeth. All of them, one by one, on your own. Definitely has the creepy and awesome factor this book. I still have no idea how teeth are involved in this whole transaction, but I find that is something among many other things that I wish soon to discover.
"I could trust you with gavriels, could I? he asked.
"Of course you could. What kind of question is that?" 
She felt his appraisal, as if he were mentally reviewing every wish she'd ever made. 
Blue hair: Frivolous 
Erasing pimples: vain 
Wishing off the light switch so she didn't have to get out of bed: lazy.
Making ex-boyfriend's cranny itch: vindictive."
Also, what kind of name is Karou? I dislike it. Every time I see it I cringe, and I just refer to the main character as K. K is a likable girl, though sometimes I think she is just too perfect of a character; gorgeous (tall and skinny; like a ballerina but with a kick), artistic, tough, mysterious, has money, knows karate and  lots of languages (she collects them)... Sometimes it seems its a bit too much, but hell if you are making up a character why not give her the big guns? Then again it doesn't leave much space for improvement or to make the reader connect with her. Flip a coin.


  1. Omg this book is amazing! It's so complex and well-written...sooo good

  2. Oh don't worry... bad things are about to happen for Karou and then you can totally be okay with her perfection. :) I loved this one and I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

  3. I didn't like the name Karou either before I read this book or as I read it until I found out what it meant and what language it was from then I accepted and decided that the name suited her after that. The same goes for Akiva which I still think sounds too odd but I've accepted it as well.

  4. Just keep reading, you'll be throw for a few loops and you won't know what hit you. This is one of the best YA books I have ever read hands down!

  5. Holy smokes! I need to finish this then!! It has high remarks from you guys, and not a bad comment. I am intrigued.


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