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Sunday 13 May 2012

Totally YA (Young Adult) Friendly BEA Schedule.

This weekend has been filled with BEA planning. I usually never make my BEA schedule prior to getting to NY, instead I go to the hotel and meet my roommates and then we get to the schedule comparing time and that's when I go like, uh, let me see your guys' schedules and make one myself. That unfortunate event is not occuring this year though, since I made my own schedule already!

This schedule is all YA friendly, no adult novels, and it's also mostly YA Supernatural friendly. I hope it helps you on your schedule making adventures!

Correction: Shift is from 10:30-11:30 am, schedule changed.
Ignore that it says Friday, it's actually Thursday June 7th.
If you click on the schedules to open them in another page I am sure they will get bigger and thus easier to read.

I did these schedules on Excel. The color coding idea came from one of my best blogger friends Lexie@ Poisoned Rationality (she is a genius).

Red= I really want.
Yellow/Orange= Maybe
White= If I get a chance.

To make your own schedule and more you can go to the BEA page here where you will find links that divide the autograph sections by date. You can also look by the author's name alone, etc.
For a lot of more help on how to create your BEA schedule click here for Lexie's Tips and Tricks.

Will any of you be attending BEA this year? Do you want to maybe meet? One of the best parts of attending BEA is meeting blogger friends you otherwise wouldn't get a chance to meet. I am so excited to see my BEA roommates again this year!

You can also find these schedules, and more, in the Blody Bookaholic Facebook Page.


  1. Don't you love how all the ones you really want are at the same time? Haha. I need a clone for BEA so I can see everyone I want...

  2. My schedule is fairly similar to yours, and I honestly don't know how I'll get to everyone I want to see! I'm going to need four of me =D

  3. I can't wait for BEA! Thanks for doing this post. I am almost done with my schedule but I may just color code it now. Thank you so much! There are so many awesome authors and so many cool events! Hope to see you there!


  4. I'm going and I totally want to meet! I need to do my schedule still. I have a few things that I'm doing for sure, but I'm going to plan it out better after the baby shower I am throwing for my sister this weekend. :) I'm am soooo excited. And I'm bookmarking this post to use as I plan. :)

  5. I'm going and I'm totally down to meet. I'll tweet at you! Its my first time!

  6. Great schedule! Mine looks similar. I have 52 books I want to try to get (it's going to fail since so many overlap in time slots). I'm bringing my parents though, so hopefully they'll be up for some line standing for me :)

    The only thing I'm confused about is your schedule says Rift (Andrea Cremer) is Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 but on the website it says she's signing from 10:30-11:30 (unless she's signing both times or My BEA thing isn't updated for some reason which totally could be the problem) I don't want you to be messed up & get there too early when you could be getting other books at that time lol!!

  7. @Nicole it has happened before, and it's bound to happen again. It's all about prioritizing, and using comfortable shoes you can RUN in!

    @thekams aren't we all? ;)

    @Gina Color coding is definitely key! We should totally meet! I'm gonna be the crazy chick with a fairly huge group of bloggers >.<

    @Fakesteph Same thing I said to Gina girl, totally open to meeting new bloggers. Bookmark away!

    @Paperback_Princess Damn I really need to start checking on that Twitter account, I never use it. I really don't have the stomach for Twitter, specially on BEA season when people start poking at each other and making unnecessary comments. But if you shoot me a message via Twitter I'll do my best to remind myself to check my Twitter account!

    @Jessica Hmm they might have changed it after I put it in, cause I just checked on the website and you are absolutely right. I shall make the adjustment. Thank you girl! I will probably not even get that one since it;s supposed to be a prequel to her Nightshade series and I didn't get into those.

  8. I'm going and it would be really cool to meet up with you. I've been a silent follower of yours for at least two years now. Silent only because your posts come to my email, and I never seem to comment on them that way. When this post popped up on my email, I used it to find a whole bunch of new books I wanted to get at BEA. Fantastic list, now I'll be meeting a lot of those authors! Hope to see you at BEA!


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