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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bookish Questions: Long or Short Reviews?

Basically which do you, the reader, prefer? Sort of long reviews that tap into specific things in the book, or a 2-3 paragraph review that gives an overall? I mean, I think I am pretty set in my ways, I usually do sort of long reviews and it's just what comes out naturally. But seriously, as a reader which do you prefer? It is a mood thing?
It's so weird too because when I started blogging my reviews were so small! After I got more confidence though they became longer, and longer...
And what do you look for in these reviews mostly? I am really interested because I really want to be able to write reviews that make you go "Damn, I should go and read that!"


  1. Personally I'm not a fan of super long winded reviews. I like when it's to the point. I tend to write mine like that as well lol.

    Jenny at Books to the Sky

  2. As a chronic skimmer I'd say long, but broken down into paragraphs that are easily skimmed.

  3. Sorry to say I am not a fan of long reviews. There are so many out there and there is just not enough time in the day for me to spend ages reading reviews. And I do read them. A lot. Patricularily when Im deciding what to read or buy next. I go straight to reviews.

    Because of that, I skim through alot of the reviews for key points on what that reviewer did or didn't like about the book. I want to know if it's something I will like because I generally stop reading a book and class it as DNF if its not to my style. I do NOT like when that happens.

    So what I look for:

    A mid length review that clearly shows what the reviwer did or didn't like and possibly why.
    I prefer each point to be seperated and if the explanation is going to be long then dot points are easier on the eyes.

    You don't have to take any of the above really seriously though because sometimes even I don't follow what I feel and prefer :)

  4. I prefer the longer reviews to the shorter ones simply based on sight: the shorter ones look insubstantial. But I don't like them rambling on either. As long as the review touches on the whys of why the reviewer feels the way he or she does, I'm okay with it.

  5. But you already write reviews that make me go "HOLY CRAP, I NEED TO READ THIS ASAP." my problem is that I never have time anymore to read xD...

    but back to your question--I think your reviews are great as they are but if you want to shorten them, that's not a bad idea. it makes it easier on you since college makes people short on time (finals are upon us!) and admittedly there are lazy people that'd rather just get to point by seeing the ratings or reading the last part of reviews. It mostly depends (for me) how the review's written. You could write a five page essay-like review, but if I'm interested, I'll totally read it. But yeah, I think you strike that balance nicely already. :)

  6. In terms of length, I don't mind either way. If you have a lot to say, you should say it. But sometimes a shorter review can pack just as much punch as a longer one.

    What I'm looking for as a reader is the emotional or thought provoking impact the book had on you. What made you want to read it in the first place and whether it held up to your expectations. Also, an intriguing plot detail or quote is always good too.

  7. I think it's mostly a mood thing for me to be honest. During busier times of the year I tend to want short, sweet, and to the point. But after finals I want to know all the details. Generally, I like reviews that give me the highlights. What's you top 3 favorites, and your least favorite things. I want to know what distinguishes this book from the others on my reading list, and why should I move it up. For readers like you and I, that tend to stick to a particular genera of books this might be a bit difficult as times. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and blogs about the YA genera.

    Speaking of... I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the immortal rules. :) Hope you are having a great Tuesday!


  8. My own reviews tend to be on the short side because that, in general, is what I prefer to read. Just something short, sweet and to the point so I can get the jist of it. :]

  9. Argh...I always ask myself this!!
    I don't even know if my reviews are considered long or short...but it's usually -literally- my feelings and thoughts through out the reading of the book reviewed.
    I'm used to long reviews...but I'm really picky with the long reviews I choose to read, I have only 1 blogger whose blog I follow and whose reviews might be longer than life but I still read them, love them, and they somehow always make me want to own the book that's being reviewed.

    If a review is short, maybe 2 to 3 paragraphs, I might read it but won't pay much attention to it, I really don't know why...maybe I'm weird hehehe. But there are people that have the talent to write really short reviews...don't know how they do it. Wish I could.

    And, I like it better when there is a rating involved. But, yeap, what draws me in to read a review and then make me want to buy the book are the little tid bits, like if you cried during the book, if you laughed out loud, if there was a male pov, I'm not that interested the way the book was written, so long as it's not historical, and when a review starts going that direction, all academical and serious I just stop reading it...
    Argh, I'm rambling...see? I cannot even leave a decent short comment and the worst part is that I still have tons more I'd like to say hehehe

    Good question Tashima!

  10. I prefer short reviews just because I really try to avoid spoilers. So I don't even want to know the name of the characters. I'm that paranoid :)
    I just want to know if the book is good, bad and the rate: 5stars, 4stars...

  11. I'll read a long review before I read a short review. I simply do not like short reviews because there usually isn't a lot of substance in short reviews. It usually makes me think one of two things:
    1. There isn't a whole lot to say about the book (this is not good)
    2. The blogger read this book a while ago and their thoughts on the book have faded (this isn't actually bad, and I know I've been guilty of this once or twice).

    I like longer reviews because I can skim through it and read the parts that really interest me. And, I especially love longer reviews if they're about a book I've read. I really love reading other people's thoughts on books I've read: do we have different opinions or do we feel the same way about the book?

    But really, I prefer a balance. I don't want to read a five page essay but I want to read more than a paragraph or two!

    - Jackie


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