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Sunday 2 November 2014

November Must Haves: YA Edition!!

November! My favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birth month, but some pretty GREAT titles are coming out that I just can't wait to buy! These are the titles I am expecting the most this November: 


This may be my favorite Claudia Gray title. The story was so rich and entertaining. I loved the characters, and it has a Russian part to it that just floored me.  Captive is the sequel to Pawn by Aimee Carter, which I am eagerly awaiting for because of how Pawn left off. Captive has a lot of potential, so I have high hopes for it. Killer Instinct is the sequel to Naturals before Naturals I hadn't read anything by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, but after reading that one I added all her novels to my TBR pile. I loved the characters and the dialogue, in fact I am reading Killer Instinct right now and I can't put it down! I am also really looking forward to Mortal Heart, the third installment to the Fair Assassin series and maybe the last one (?) I am not really sure. The Shape of my Heart while not being exactly about the character I thought it was going to be I am still interested in seeing the people at apt. 2B again. It is one of the new New Adult books that are worth the read.


**If you click on the pictures they will take you to their summaries via Goodreads.

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  1. I really want to read Captive, since I liked Pawn so much. Mortal Heart was a pretty good ending for the series. I can't believe it's November already!


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