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Friday 21 November 2014

So I started reading Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

Published: July 10th 2012
"As the door was opening, I couldn't see them, but I recognised Alec's voice. "Do you think he's doing her?"
"Good God, no,"Jake said. 
"Of course he is," Grayson said. "Why else would that stingy bastard give away flying lessons for free?" 
The door swung all the way open and banged against the metal wall like a gunshot. All three of them jumped and then turned to stare at me/; Alec sprawled in a lawn chair, Jake leaning against the nose of the red Piper, Grayson with both hands in the engine.
I stood there for a moment more, processing, trying not to jump to conclusions. Maybe they hadn't meant what I thought they'd meant. Maybe they hadn't meant Mr. Hall. Maybe they hadn't meant me. 
Yes, they had. I saw in the next instant. Jake looked at the cement floor and shook his head like it was a damn shame I'd heard them, but he didn't really care. Alec, wide eyes on me, started to get up from his chair. Grayson kept staring at me across the airplane engine, gaze cold, daring me to deny it. 
I had not denied it. I'd turned away from the open door, never looking back even when I reached the airport office."
This read is more contemporary, less paranormal. Well, no paranormal, only contemporary. It's a change from my normal string of reads and I've heard good things about this author, so I will keep reading it. One thing that has bothered me though is the way the main character doesn't stand up for herself. If I heard someone talking about me that way? They would loose their teeth in the next second. But nevertheless I am hoping for some good character improvement, and how the main character overcomes her hard conditions are interesting to read about, so let's see how it ends.


  1. I enjoyed reading Such A Rush. I love Jennifer Echols writing and the characters that she creates. Such A Rush is a contemp drama, so the characters and how they interact are a big part of the book. I expect them to make mistakes and learn lessons along the way. I like how you said 'character improvement', because this book has that. I hope you end up enjoying reading it.

  2. @Sandra that is the word I was looking for! Yeah, it seems to be a lot about how the characters interact between themselves that is absolutely correct. I enjoy it, though to be honest it may not be for everyone given all the "foul" language and crap.

  3. Yeah...... I don't really stand up for myself either... i get that. this book sounds really good!

  4. I will have to check her out, I have heard good things about Jennifer Echols too. I don't usually read contemporary books but I sometimes need to change up my books and read something different.

  5. @Kristin Me neither! But with this cover... I just had to give it a shot. And good I did, I needed a change of scenery from Dystopian books and the likes.

  6. Looks like something I might be interested in! Thanks for the preview! :)

  7. I've heard a lot of good things about this book so I'll have to check it out.


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