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Monday 6 October 2014

Blog Tour: Atlantia by Ally Condie | Fan-Casting + Giveaway #TeamBelow

 In 25 days Atlantia will hit the shelves and the world will go WILD. It has great world building, sirens, sisterly love, mystery and corruption. Plus, look at that cover! It looks simple yet alluring. Overall one of the better siren stories out there. So in order to celebrate Allie Condie's new release Penguin, very graciously, put together an AWESOME BLOG TOUR! Complete with giveaways and spoilers I meant the works.

I am part of...

AKA, the best team ever.

Today is my day to get you all to buy promote Atlantia in a good healthy way...


Ugh, I thought that might have sounded more evil... Oh well.



-Candice Accola-



-Anna Popplewell-
"We stand side by side and hand in hand, our brown hair threaded with blue ribbons and braided in intricate plaits. We both have blue eyes, We are both tall and carry ourselves the same way. But we're fraternal twins, not identical, and no one has ever had any trouble telling us apart."
NOW, hear me out. I KNOW Candice is a blonde, I know this. I know she is better known for being in Vampire Diaries, I know she may not seem as an ideal fit. But just, hear me out. She has the edge, the toughness that I saw in Rio. Hair can always be dyed, but attitude and gut feeling cannot.

"--she was the gentler sister, quicker to laugh, certainly better suited to follow in my mother's footsteps. I never resented it when people said that, because I knew it was true."

Bay is Anna Popplewell. Bay is soft, she loves helping people, she is giving, she is selfless, and she is strong. When I think of Bay I think Anna Popplewell.


"...in spite of myself I look at True. When I do, my first thought is brown and blue. Brown hair, brown eyes, blue shirt, blue shadows under his eyes. I've seen him before."

"He is handsome, the type of boy who looks as though he might once have had sun on his skin, though that's impossible this far down. He has intelligent eyes and the kind of strength that isn't bulky and belligerent but streamlined and swift instead."
True is Rio's romantic interest, and he is a mystery of himself. He is both open and secretive. True is Fern's best friend, and Fern is the boy who goes above alongside Bay.


"Another boy goes up for his turn. I know him by sight-Fern Cardiff, handsome and charismatic, with blond hair and dangerous, laughing eyes. There's an irreverent, ironic note in his voice even as he speaks the sacred words. "I choose sacrifice in the Above."


Olivia Wilde
"Maire is back--standing in front of me in her black robes, with her disheveled hair. Her face is at once too sharp to be anything like my mother's and yet too intelligent to be dissimilar. I have never seen her so close before."
Maire is the most powerful siren of her generation. Some have horrible stories about her, calling her a sea witch. Her and her sister, Oceana, grew apart because they were raised in different households. Oceana is revered, Maire is feared. She is also speculated of killing her own sister.

BONUS: Rio and Bay's mother, Oceana.


Maybe a bit weird that I choose her, but she just kept popping in my head whenever Oceana was referred to. Weird? Maybe, but hey it is my fan casting.

So there you go, Atlantia's Fan Cast! What actors would YOU have chosen?

Now for the GIVEAWAY!
-US Only-

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  1. I suck at doing my own fan-casting, but I approve of yours as far as the descriptions go! (also, Anna Popplewell = A++ all the time!)

  2. Fern, Bay,Maire wait did I do this right?

  3. ahhh olivia wilde would make a great maire

  4. I have yet to read the book but from the description these are great choices and I love most of the actors!

  5. So excited to be part of team #AtlantiaBelow with you!

  6. I haven't read the book yet either, but I like your picks. The people you chose really fit your descriptions in my opinion. Olivia Wilde is a great pick too.

  7. I love her Matched Trilogy, can't wait for this!!

  8. I can't wait for this book. Not typically my genre but I LOVED the Matched series!

  9. Candace Accola and Zach Roerig are my favorite! I love the Vampire Diaries which is why. I like the choice of Dylan O Brien and Olivia Wilde!


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