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Thursday 22 March 2012

Today is Hunger Games Day!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for! I feel like a citizen of Panem right now, waiting eagerly for the games to begin. But seriously we have been waiting for way too long and the day is finally here!! I will be going with my friends, both who have read the books (thanks to me), and we will be leaving at 9:30 and making the line till 12. I feel as excited as if another Harry Potter movie was about to come out!

What do you think it's going to happen? Do you think the movie will suck? Do you think it's going to be great? How many things do you think they are going to change? I will be posting a poll on the left sidebar regarding premonitions on the movie. Remember to vote!


  1. Since I think positive thinking brings out positive results I believe the movie is going to be AWESOME!! But I do fear my delusionally high expectations might make the movie disappoint me o.o. Gah I need to not think about it.

    WildFire Writing

  2. I can't believe i'm not going today!! It's so unfair!! I'll be going tomorrow, when everyone will have already watched it.. i'll feel like an outsider.
    I hope you'll enjoy the movie, i'm sure it's gonna turn out to be great!! :)

  3. All I can say is...it BETTER be awesome! lol. I'm going tonight as well and it'll be my first ever midnight premier. I'm so unbelievably excited and amped up for it! We really must discuss it afterwards and compare thoughts. :D


  4. I've dreamt about this movie. Well, about Peeta at least. I seriously cannot wait!

  5. Sadly, I can't see it tonight. :( though I'm gonna go see it with my boyfriend tomorrow!


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