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Thursday 29 March 2012

I started reading Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Expected Publication: May 01, 2012
"My father is here!" 
Fear paralyzed me.
A demon. A real demon was here, right now, I hadn't factored in this possibility. I'd thought he would be in New York. I wanted to run, but Kaidan pulled me toward the couch and pushed me onto the cushions. He ripped open the front of my blouse, and I sucked in a breath to scream."
So I've been in this kind of book slump for the past week. But today my last class of the day was canceled so I had a couple of hours to myself with nothing to do. I picked up Sweet Evil because the summary interested me, plus someone recommended it to me on a comment. I started reading at 2. At 3 when I finally come up for air, because I figure I should get some school work done, I notice that I am already on pg. 119 of the book. Damn! It is very interesting, and alluring. The boy has an English accent. I picture him as a much younger and unskilled Bones from Night Huntress series, only completely different. If that makes any sense. The girl gets on my nerves because of how her character is by nature, but I am hoping for some much needed character development. Keep on reading!


  1. Glad to hear you are liking this one so much. Everyone has been raving about it lately so it promises to be a great read.

    maybe this is going to bring you out of your slump :)

  2. Wow! This cover reminded me a lot Lauren Kate's books (You know, Fallen, Torment...)
    Anyway, i hope you keep enjoying the book! Good read ;)


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