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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Beautiful Creatures: Cast Movie News

 And so the Beautiful Creatures series is following on the steps of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. It is also being turned into a movie! Surprise, surprise...

Anyways, news on cast has been released, I have just been too focused on The Hunger Games movies to give much of a crap. But now I am getting updated and shall pursue future information on this upcoming film.

Who is playing Ethan and Lena? Drum roll please...

Two unknowns! Which is good, I guess for some reason. Here is some more info on the actors:
"Jack O'Connell, a British actor who is most famous for his raging role in Skins, takes the boy next door role of Ethan Wate. Alice Englert, a New Zealander actress, will become cursed caster girl Lena."

That is not how I pictured Ethan at all, the boy seems a bit too skinny and bony. I imagined Ethan being more like...

Hell yeah, husky and sexy. Talk southern to me and well have the perfect package!

The girl I guess it's okay for Lena. To be completely honest I didn't have a specific mental image for her, and this girl just has that far away sad-ish look.

Who will play Amma?

Who will play Mrs. Lincoln & Seraphine?

Those are for now the only sure roles they have filled for the movie. There are also whispers about Thomas Mann taking the role of Link, Ethan's best friend (I can totally see THAT!), and that Emmy Rossum has joined the cast, but which role she shall play no one knows but there are plenty of crazy family members to go around. I am thinking ahead though, who do I want to play Macon? Or Riddle? Or Olivia (by far my favourite girl)? Harry Potter's Luna comes to mind when thinking of Olivia, but there could be other possibilities!

Any suggestions? I will be thinking about this and will get back to you soon.


  1. I read on Page to Premiere that Emmy Rossum is going to play Ridley which I am finding very hard to picture considering the characters I've seen her play in other movies but I like her and if the casting director and other people in charge think she can pull it off then I will be excited to see it.

  2. Thanks for the news! I loved this book. :) And I hope the movie will turn out good.
    (I kinde like the guy they got for Ethan)

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to read the book now! :)I've been wanting to read it anyways, this'll just light a fire under me!

  4. muito bom ler seu blog. Parabéns. Siga o meu se quiser. Um abraço.


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