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Monday 26 March 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Official Clip

Sooo there's a clip I thought some of you would enjoy. 

I haven't yet watched Part 1, I should do that soon. Maybe this summer. Maybe. How was it? I watched the long trailer when I went to see The Hunger Games, and it was FUNNY. Bella appears at the end with red eyes and a poor deer stands near by. Everybody knew the deer was screwed. Oh good times.


  1. Wow. That actually looks....good. I haven't watched the first part either. I should, especially since it's out on DVD xDDD

    I wish I could just ZOOM right over to my bookshelf like that, hehe.

  2. I thought that part one was really good. I'm really looking forward to part two.

    This is off topic but did you see the trailer for The host, if so what did you think?

  3. I can't wait till part 2 comes out!!! The host looks awesome! Its so cool to see Bella a vampire!! LOVE LOVE!

  4. I saw this trailer when I went to watch the Hunger Games movie...
    At least she now has color on her face :) I'm curious if she will develop new facial expressions as a vampire. I sure hope so.
    I need to watch part 1.

  5. I am ridiculously excited about this movie FINALLY getting here. And honestly, I think I may even be a little excited about it finally being over and done with. I have enjoyed it every step of the way, through all of the craptasticness of it. But I think it is finally time for the end of the Twilight hysteria.


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