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Saturday 3 March 2012

Cover Reveal: Reached (Matched #3) by Ally Condie!!!

Reached Matched Trilogy Book 3 Ally Condie
Hardcover, 384 pages
Expected publication: November 13th 2012
by Dutton Childrens Books

It's out!!! And she's out of the bubble! My favorite cover is still Matched (the green one). Hopefully this book will be better than Crossed. Do you like the cover?
"The beautiful covers of Ally Condie’s best-selling Matched books follow a simple progression that reflects the progression of the series. Our heroine Cassia started off on the first cover existing serenely in a glass orb, symbolizing her blissful unawareness of the Society’s oppression. Then on the cover of Crossed, she put her fist through the glass."
-EW interview

And on the third cover she fights her way to freedom.

Here is the EW interview with Ally Condie where they talk about a lot of interesting things pertaining to the series and the movie adaptation.

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  1. Love this cover. I still think Matched is the best of the three, but this one makes me want to go back and actually finish Crossed. :)


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