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Monday 10 October 2011

Winners, Winners!!

And the winner is...

Lieder Madchen

The other winner is:


Congratulations to both! Now guys I have another big giveaway on the works, one of those where I give away over 20 books. Should I make it 1 winner takes all? Or 3 winners?


  1. congrats!!
    oooh another one? you're too good...
    3 winners would be awesome!

  2. Thank you so much!!!

    I think there should be 3 winners. :)

  3. I say three winners :) Not simply because I would like more of a chance myself. But because that many books needs to be spread around! share the joy of reading ! lol

  4. I think 3 winners would be great.

  5. My vote is 3 winners... give us all a bit of a chance with it ;-). And I agree with Passionet Bookworm - spread the book love!


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