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Thursday 6 October 2011

Update: Pictures of my New Bookshelves

The last Bookshelf update was February, since then I moved, bought new books, gotten new shelves, and everything looks splendid!

(I put these up with my roommates, took hours but it was so worth it!)
Those white things on the top are Japanese paper lights, they look awesome at night!

On the top shelf are my favorite books/series, such as:
The Mortal Instruments series
The Luxe Series
Bright Young Things
The Hunger Games
The Iron Fey
The Ivy
Beautiful Creatures
The Ethical Vampires Series

On the bottom shelf are books I need to read that I got from BEA.

On the other side of the top shelf there is:
The Vampire Academy Series
Blue Bloods
The Drake Chronicles
Succubus Series
Prophecy of the Sisterts
Wondrous Strange
The Eternal Ones

On the bottom there are the books I've bought but haven't read, mostly I bought them before Borders went out of business.

This is my 'Read' shelf.

A close up.

Another close up...

This is kind of a read/unread shelf. Ive read everything up to the Sookie Stackhouse series (second shelf all the way to the middle) and after that is is books I haven't read.

My 'Unread' shelf.

My TV Series shelf.

My old room was okay, but my new room is like, aaaww! On one side I have all my bookshelves and my desk on the other side is my new TV with the PS3, PS2, and other shenanigans. I love it! What do you think of the shelves? Approve?

BTW if you open the pictures you get a much bigger view of the shelves. Also don't forget to vote for the best cover of October on the left sidebar, it's very close between The Iron Knight and Tris & Izzie!!

**I got my bookshelves at CSN Stores, which now it's called Wayfair, very good pretty furniture at a good price ^^


  1. Oooh, such pretty shelving!!

    (I'm such a librarian.)

    That corner shelf unit really looks snazzy. :D

  2. They're so tidy and colorful against the black shelves! My bookcases are jealous. :-)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at bookshelves, yours look fabulous!

  4. Love the new shelves! And, can I just say, seeing all the books you have in your "to read" areas makes me feel a little better about all the books I bought and have yet to read... ;-)

  5. Oooh I love them. I want shelves like that. :D
    So cool, thanks for sharing.

  6. ~envy aura~
    I want my room just like that T_T

  7. Where do you get your bookcases? :o.

  8. @Jdarling Well, the ones on the walls I got at Home Depot and then had to put them up with my roommates, most of the others I got at CSN Stores, they have very good shelf's at a low price ^^

  9. No Harry Potter? Seriously? I envy you, ok... But I could not live without my HP books. Also, you should try the Eragon series, they are pretty good.
    That's all, unless you want me to say it again... I ENVY YOU! God, I could spend hours sitting in front of your book shelves and still not decide what to read next.
    Anyway... Bye!

  10. @Bianca Di Angelo Fourth picture, 3rd shelf. On the left corner those are the Harry Potter books I have. I stopped buying them though because I want the chest that has all the hardcover books. But of course I have some HP! I loooove HP.

    Plus my pretty hardcover edition of the seventh one is on the living room shelf for everybody to admire ;)

  11. Your shelves are so beautiful and you are so well organized with your books! You must love them so so so much!! I adore all the books there that I've read, and I think you are totally awesome!!!

  12. You have a lot of books, that's for sure! What I really admire is that even with such a huge collection, you are still able to organize them neatly on every shelf. I'm sure you're still collecting more books, and I suggest you consider getting more shelves to accommodate them. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Fletcher Hevey @ Concord Supplies

  13. Wow so many books. I only have few pieces because of limited space in my room so I prefer ebooks but hard books are way more better.

  14. Oh my gosh you are so lucky.I noticed you have hush,hush that is one of my favorites books


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