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Wednesday 12 October 2011

House of Night Dark Horse Comic Book

And now there is a comic book...

This is actually something I could get into, depending on the art work, how the story is represented, and who knows, they might even cut some of the extra crap out of the story. This is the art work:

I really have no idea what is the point of this endevour, maybe to keep milking the cow, but I thought it was an interesting tid bit. I would check it out in any case. It just sounds interesting. Plus the art work seems creepy.

What do you think about the latest from House of Night? Twilight's attempt at art work wasn't half bad...

I like the second picture way more. Anyways, if you click here it will lead you to an excerpt.

So what do you think? Are you ready for more HON? Do you think they are going to far? Are you excited? Not? Bored with the whole fiasco?


  1. that series need to be over SO. FORKING. LONG. AGO. i never drop a series, but w/ this one, i had to!

  2. I like the second wallpaper much more, that being said I don't think they are going too far with creating a graphic novel version of the series, it seems every other YA is doing it so why not go along? I'm not a fan of the series (stopped reading after book 4 and couldn't tolerate it anymore) but I might give the graphic novel a shot since I do like reading them already and my friend who is definitely a fan will most likely pick up the comic so I can just borrow it from her.

  3. I have no idea what to think :S

  4. I think i'm on the fence with this one. I really enjoyed the first part of the series.. I think I started tapering off around book ..6 ? and just haven't picked it up again yet. that being said I do ( for the majority ) like the series and the slightly more original concepts that are in it. Graphic novels are a way to get some people more into reading. For example when working at Borders I had boys/girls come up to me talking about the manga made for the maximum ride series,a now they wanted the original book. In a way its like movie adaptations.. sometimes they take it a bit too far, but sometimes it's all one person needs to get them interested in the original story :) Oh and the second image, way better!



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