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Tuesday 11 October 2011

Teaser Tuesday Everyone! The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Wow, haven't done this in a while...

Goodreads Star Rating: 3.99/5
Paperback, 342 pages
Published October 4th 2011
by HarperTeen
"The only blip in my new life was Adam DeRis. I couldn't get him out of my mind. From my first day at school, he'd occupied my thoughts. His staring and awkwardness combined with my constantly tingling hands made me hyperaware of his presence in school. I ached just to get a glimpse of him."
-Megan, The Carrier of the Mark,  ARC Copy. 

So when I read this book I can't help but compare it to Twilight. I mean, it's obvious! This is the musings of a girl who has only been in school for a week and already she has a dark hottie who she JUST CAN'T HELP but stare at (and runs away as soon as he catches her gaze, but of course not without loosing her breath for a second first). I just. really want to get lost in her musings, but, it's SO Twilight like (and I LIKE Twilight! My last name is Cullen? It's not like I'm a hater). Only with witches (it seems).

The prologue is very interesting though, and might be just the thing to keep me going because even though the girl has been smitten already by a boy who AVOIDS her to no end, she has some humor and backbone. Bah, the girl has a hottie crush, let her be, Taschima. Yes, I am having an internal fight with myself over this.
"Then a wall of water smashed through the cabin, dulling the flames. 
Seizing my opportunity, I threw myself toward the wooden stairs, where the remains of the fire licked their way upward to freedom. I greeted my teeth and reached over to hook the cable binding my wrists on a jagged piece of scorched metal that I could see through the flames.Turning my face away from the searing heat, I tugged down sharply and felt the tie snap. I screamed as the flames burned my skin, but I didn't have time to worry about the pain. I needed to get out, to warn the others. I had to make sure they were okay."
-Megan, The Carrier of the Mark,  ARC Copy.

Somewhere down the line this action girl will show herself, so I'm holding hope, and continue to read. I like it, it isn't that I don't like the book, it's just that the similarities are incredible.

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  1. I still have to read Carrier of the Mark, but I'm reading Fallen right now and I have the same problem.


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