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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cover Winner of September; New Covers for October!!!

Juliet Immortal won! I reeaally want to read this book, had anybody read it? If so, leave your review in the comment section, in order for me to see if it's gonna be good ;) I swear, the story of Romeo and Juliet is the least romantic story in the universe according to me. I like how this book is trying to twist it around. I bet its even better.

Breakdown Time:

Votes so far: 73

New Covers for October:



Honorary Mentions:


All the covers are linked to ther respectuive Goodreads Page.

 Remember to vote! The poll is at the left sidebar. It's very difficult this month, ALL the covers are amazing... Tris and Izzie is beautiful, but I have heard so many bad things about the novel, The Iron Knight is amazing and it is the last book in the Iron Fey series, Dearly Departed is so Gothic, The Carrier of the Mark  did a magnificent job with the woman and the dress... Silence may not be better than Hush Hush, it's precedent, but it's still breath taking. Decisions, decisions...

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  1. I read Juliet Immortal and loved it! Such an amazing cover. Here's my review: http://thepagesage.blogspot.com/2011/08/book-review-juliet-immortal-by-stacey.html

  2. I haven't posted a review yet, but Juliet Immortal was pretty amazing! I really loved it and it is so much better than the actual tale of R+J! And Don't Breath a Word is also amazing! One of the only contemporary books I actually like!

  3. I absolutely love the cover for Tris & Izzie and it's so disappointing to hear that the reviews aren't all that great.

  4. @Cialina Yeah, it's really dissapointing, at Goodreads the book only has 2 stars on the overall ratings :/

  5. I've read Juliet Immortal and didn't think it was a great as it could have been. I think the premise is pretty cool, but the plot just didn't live up to it. Which made me sad, because I really wanted to like it, you know?

    On to book covers --> Love The Carrier of the Mark and Iron Knight. Awesome covers!!


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