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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Vampire Academy Fans out there, JOIN CAST DISCUSSION!

So since around yesterday there's been this very heated long discussion about who should be cast as the character in VA. It's not out fault really, the people at The Official Vampire Academy Movie Fan started it.

Here's the scoop:
"It’s been argued, debated, contested, opinioned, tabulated, reviewed and critiqued worldwide across the Internet, but never before have the true die-hard Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook Fans spoken. 
Therefore the Movie’s Producers and staff have decided it’s time to let the fans officially declare whom their favorite actors and actresses for these coveted roles should be. 
On Monday, July 11th (USA), The first Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook Page Casting Poll will begin.  Every Monday two additional character polls will be added to the page, so be sure to check back often to guarantee that your favorites are represented! 
 A list of the primary character roles have been compiled by our staff from the most often mentioned and talked about actors on the OVAM FAN PAGE over the past year. In addition, the Producers have added some selections of their own to help fans think outside the box. 
Some of the selections are very well known, while some are not.  Be sure to take time to do some research in casting your votes. Consider not only their looks and age, but also their acting ability and past professional work.  Remember that hair can be dyed, muscles built and accents created to fit any role -- but talent cannot be faked! 
Lastly, while the Producers take your opinions very seriously, let us remind you that these casting results are suggestions ONLY, and in no way will determine who the future Studio and filmmakers might inevitably casts.  We do hope to influence them however!"

I have been on this discussion since yesterday non stop, liking comments, hating comments, and banning anyone who dares mention Megan Fox for the role of Rose (in my mind of course, can't do anything to those poor people with bad taste).

My Cast:

Dimitri Belikov- Ben Barnes
Rose Hatthaway- Sophia Bush
Christian- Tom Sturrige or Nicholas Hoult
Lissa- Kristen Prout (She has the face of an angel)
Adrian- Ian Somerhalder or Chace Crawford
Abe Mazur- Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr.
Mia- Annasophia Robb
Tasha Ozera- Zooey Deschanel
Eddie- Steven R. McQueen

I will be updating my Vampire Academy Cast soon with a second post that will include these new characters I've selected but for now... CLICK HERE and join the discussion!

Voice your opinion, read the comments, like comments, go go go!!


  1. omgosh Johnny Depp! haha that would be interesting :) Seriously though, what about new actors? I want to audition lol


  2. I think Nicholas Hoult would be perfect for Christian! I also love your choice for Lissa!


  3. I actually quite agree with you cast!
    Ben Barnes would be great as Dimitri and Ian Somerhalder as Adrian would just be hot!
    & Johnny Depp's perfect as Abe Mazur!


  4. SQUEEEEE! Thanks for letting me know!!!


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