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Tuesday 19 July 2011

The Hunger Games Movie Poster!!

EXCITING!!! To be honest I kind of forgot for a second there that The Hunger Games was being made into a movie, with the Harry Potter excitement and Vampire Academy voting that's going on (it's crazy!). But I saw this poster and got excited all over again, it's real, it's here!

Look at that pretty Mockingjay! I am also VERY grateful they are playing this publicity from an angle of "war" and "sacrifice" and excitement and THE HUNGER GAMES, and not from a "triple romance!", "Ain't them hot" sort of angle. THANK YOU! Next I would like a poster with Katniss in it, but remember people, the story is about Katniss and the rebellion, not about the romance!! The romance is a very entertaining side dish, but it's not the main entree.

Also, the flames in the poster? They move. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM DANCE! Ain't that awesome?!

PS; For those of you who have missed quite a bit:

The Tributes by District





  1. Awesome poster! This is one book-based movie that I'm actually looking forward to.

  2. I loved the books, and I'm sure I will love the movie... : )

  3. Arghghgh!! I'm so excited for this!! :D

  4. So excited ^_^. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oooo! So exciting, but March seems so far away, esp on a steaming hot day like today...we still have a whole winter to live through before it comes.

  6. @Lacoccinelle Me too!

    @Idris We can only hope so T_T

    @Stephanie Woot!

    @Sandy No problem ^^

    @Jennifer I know, 2012... Damn. I like the winter though =D

  7. ~squee~
    hyperventilates!!! thanks so much for this!!! I'm dying to watch it already!

  8. thanks for posting this im so excited for this movie!!!!

    now all i need is a VA movie poster!

  9. I am stu-hoo-hoo-hoopidly excited for this! Eeeeep!


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