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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Meet Ash, Meghan and Puck.

Info on the video straight from the shark's mouth:

We're bringing you an exclusive peek at the Harlequin TEEN cover shoot for The Iron Knight, the eagerly anticipated next novel in the fan-favorite Iron Fae series by RITA Award winning author Julie Kagawa.

For more information on The Iron Knight and other books in this series check out: http://www.enterthefaeryworld.com

And so, there they are... To be completely honest, that is not how I picture Ash, my Ash, at all. He just isn't right. Where's the darkness that is a constant companion of the Winter Prince? You talk and talk about getting into character, but I never saw such a thing.

Now, Puck I liked more. He looks more Fae. Meghan I also liked! She is pretty cute, blonde, nice, with a terrific smile. Her pictures never fail to fascinate me so, hurrah!

But Ash? Nah ah. Get me another guy, and this time try to catch the icy spark of the character please T_T

How do YOU picture Ash? My Ash is:

Gaspar Ulliel

Still anxiously waiting for The Iron Knight to come out! <3

Pictures from I Cast The Iron King post.


  1. I'm basing my main male character off gaspard's hotness in my writing. ^_^ He's amazing!

    Yeah, I agree that Puck and Meghan were great and that Ash was just...no. >_< Hehe, Gaspard is perfect!

  2. I agree about Ash, the actor seemed too nice for Ash's dark character!

  3. I totally agree, that 'Ash' was far too jolly? looking, he didnt look very serious or anything..it just wasnt Ash ): Puck I didn't like either.. I LOVE Puck and that guy.. he just didnt fit the bill for me ):

    but Meghan..PERFECT! I love the girl they picked for Meghan she fit it perfectly (:

  4. Hmm... not a fan at all for Ash... I totally agree on Gaspar!! He would have made a much better Ash. I thought Puck was alright/pretty good, a lot closer to how I visioned Puck than the person they chose for Ash. Megan I LOVED! So, this photoshoot was for the cover of Iron Knight? I think they definitely did some touching up. haha, because I liked the cover :)

  5. Agreed! My Ash is Ian Somerholder. Totally hot!!
    As for Puck...nah, I'd probably pick someone else, though I don't know who.


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