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Saturday 2 July 2011

Cover Winner of June; New Covers for July

I am kind of impressed that Passion won to be honest o.o Because not a lot of people liked the new color spin on the colors, I myself voted for Winter's Shadow lol I really liked the way the colors blended so dramatically on the cover. But oh well, Passion is not bad at all! I was on the team that liked the cover so, yay!
Breakdown Time:

New Covers for July:



Very good covers all around, Supernaturally would be the obvious choice, but Lost Voices is also here, also Undercurrent is very pretty....

Honorary Mention:



Each cover is linked to it's Goodreads page.

On the comments leave suggestions for next month!! Who knows, maybe your favorite will win. Also don't forget to vote on the poll to your left ;)

Also feel free to check out the slideshow! A whole new bunch of covers that you might not have on your list.


  1. It wasn't so much the color I dislike on the cover as the dress and the way her hair is laying. The first cover just seemed so much more striking and beautiful. This one seems wrong somehow, unnatural.

  2. I wanted Eden to win :(
    Passion cover is ok,I guess

  3. All I have to say is: They changed Wolfesbane? The cover you have up is SO much nicer than the one all the book sites have up as the official cover. I hate it when they change the style for a series...


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