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Wednesday 27 July 2011

The Hunger Games Movie News: Take a look at Gale and Peeta ON COSTUME!!

NOW I LIKIE! They look good! He looks like peeta, and he looks like Gale (though I would have liked longer hair on Gale, but no matter!!).

This issue of Entretainment (out this friday) will issue a cover story with Peeta and Gale. This is what it says on the magazine:
Your first look at Gale and Peeta -and how the actors are bringing them to life.

Never have I been such a believer in the power of make up and good acting, you remember how they looked in their other pictures? Not like Gale and Peeta, but now I can see it quite well.


Peeta - Gale


Gale - Peeta

What do you think? Do they pass your test?

Hurray for The Hunger Games!!


  1. I love both these actors. Liam every since I saw the Last Sing and I've always loved Josh, and had a crush on him. I just think they would be so much better switched! Liam as Peeta and Josh as Gale. When I think of peeta I always pictures him leaner and Gale more muscular.

  2. They passed long ago so no change of mind here xD except more confidence in them I suppose haha.

  3. I love these books, and these guys!!! I can't wait for the movie :) Thanks for the post

  4. Gale is perfect, just how I imagined him! Peeta however... oh my, I'm going to be stifling a lot of giggles during the movie, he looks so silly!

    ComaCalm's Corner

  5. Hmm I think Gale shouldn't look so uptight. I always pictured him a bit more rugged.

  6. Dude. Gale is looking good. Looks like I'll be Team Gale for both books and movie. ;) The power of makeup and hair dye continues to astound me!

  7. I am just not sure... it will be interesting how the movie turns out but as of yet, im just not convinced.

  8. Gale is good, but Peeta is still not how I imagined him. He is too buffed and the square jaw just doesn't cut it for me. I iamgine him super sweet and all! Damn =(

  9. I'm with Danielle. Backwards casting call. I'd prefer it the other way around.

  10. This picture gave me hope!
    Thank you!!

  11. Eeeekkkkkk!! Im so excited!! I can't get this magazine in the UK, but I have an awesome American friend who is gonna send me a copy of it in the mail <3

  12. Yay!! I think they both totally look their part! Very pleased :)

  13. Im happy you guys liked the pictures! Just to let you know I am posting more set pictures tomorrow so, be sure to come back and check them out!!!

  14. Ahhhh, go Peeta and Gale! But oi, the guy who is playing Peeta I'm not sure I like him. Can't wait for the movie though! LOVE the series!

  15. gale looks okay (especially when katniss and gale are together) but peeta.... it looks like his jaw was stretched out or something... hard to tell if he's smiling or frowning or if someone squashed his toe and he's grimacing at you :P


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