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Sunday 13 February 2011

Sunday's Tune: Born this Way by Lady Gaga

I think every Sunday I will post a tune that I love, relates to a book in my opinion, or an author has said "Hey, this song really goes with my story" or they have used the tune while creating the book.

Why am I doing this post? Cause I loves me some tunes! And we do more stuff than just reading books! A world without music wouldn't be a nice world at all. I wouldn't want to live there. I would pack my bags and head to the nearest Mars shuttle (maybe they'll have some rocking tunes!).

This week's song is Born this Way by Lady Gaga!! IT's FINALLY OUT!! I loves this woman, her music is addicting and gooood.

First off, creeppy cover. I mean there are all parts of her sticking out, but isn't what what we love about her? Her creepyness? Other than her voice, her sense of fashion (makes me laugh) and her spirit of course.

Ive listened to this song now 3 times and this is what I got to say about it. LOVE the base. It goes boom boom boom. If you happen to have some cash around go and buy some Skullcandy headphones, you'll understand. It's not like her other songs so she is not repeating herself. It's fun, I can see myself dancing to it. This song in a club? Sign me up!!

On the other hand, it's a little Madonna-isk. I love the Lady, but I have to be fair. It might not be the exact same thing as Madonna, but her flair is there somewhere. I don't think this is necessarily bad, since well everything has been done already and well things are bound to happen. Not to mention Madonna is a huge influence with this type of music. So I can live with it.

I can't wait for the other songs! Or the video!! I don't believe they can do a better video than the one for Bad Romance (loooove it) but they could surprise me. The bar has been set very high for the Lady team, let's see if they deliver.

If you like this song and/or any song that encourages you to be yourself and to heck with everybody else, I recommend these other tunes:

If you know of any other suggestions leave a comment! Plus tell me what you think about the new Lady Gaga tune. Like it? Dislike it? Why?

Now if you excuse me I'm gonna go and listen to Born This Way for the fourth time...

PS; comment here and get an extra entry in my Goodbye 2010 contest =]


  1. I love Fireworks!
    My obsession is Pink's new song called Perfect.. I LOVE it! One of her best songs in a while.
    Love this post idea.

  2. I LOVE Lady Gaga very much! I love her for her eclectic tastes in style and for her music and for her eccentric (seeming) personality!I have always wondered is she really the person she portrays to be? bcuz a lot of stars do this stuff for the fame (Fame..Fame..Isn't it Shame, shame baby a shame.)..that was an other track by her..sorry abt that couldn't resist!:P
    I like this song..i heard it about 4 times before getting down to typing this comment!Great post! Didn't know about this track, thank you for the heads up!:D
    Have you heard all the other music by her???

  3. This is catchy. I like how there's more singing than her other songs. I love Fireworks too!

  4. +1 :) Do i have to mention this because i haven't mentioned this in other comments?

    Also i totally agree with you. Without music we would all be lost souls. I listen to music and read books together so the song playing at the point of a particular scene becomes its song and when i hear that song years later i can remember the book i read while listening to it and what part i was reading.

  5. I like most of Gaga's songs but I've got to say that when I first listened to this song I was like "meh...it's ok I guess", not my favorite by her but it's not bad. Love your other suggestions, and Pink's new song "F*cking perfect" is really cool too!

  6. I love to listen to songs like this in the car :) It's not my usual sort of music but it's so fun.

  7. I am completely addicted to the Pink Raise Your Glass song and video. It is amazing.

  8. I love lady gaga!!!! I heard born his way on Friday & I loved it!!!! I got on line later and kePt listening to it over and over again. I lost count how many time I listened to it . Also Katy perry's fireworks is so good! Love the video!

  9. Okay, I just watched Gaga perform this song on the Grammy's and wasn't impressed with the performance. It was very Madonna like. The music even seemed a bit Madonna like. She did not outdo herself this time.

    And I love the song Fireworks by Katy Perry but think it's weird having the fireworks coming out of her chest. I understand what they are trying to convery, but it just looks weird. Maybe she could have blown kisses and they would have come out then.

    But, I love Pink. Love, Love, Love her. She tells it like it is no holds barred. She doesn't care who's listening or how strange the video is. Raise Your Glass took me awhile to figure out, the women being milked. I finally figured out the backwardness of it.

    Anyway, I'll listen to the song on the clip you have and see if it sounds better than it did on the Grammys.


  10. Oooh, love the new song, awesome for clubbing. I love the catchy beat. And love Fireworks, it's one of my favorite Katy Perry songs, it's so lovely. I'm looking forward to Lady Gaga's music video for Born This Way!

  11. It's not my favorite Lady Gaga hit, but I admire her for branching out of her musical style without alienating it. I also am a fan of Raise Your Glass by Pink!

  12. Oooh la la I like this feature. Lady Gaga is quite the clever person. This is actually a good, catchy song. She looked so strange in the Grammy's! Strange but unique!

  13. I really like Raise Your Glass by P!NK but I have not been the biggest fan of Lady Gaga, she makes some good hits and Born This Way is one of them:-)

  14. I haven't heard Lady Gagas new song yet, but I've loved all her other songs so I will probably love this one.
    I like the Pink and Katy Perry songs.
    Whenever the Fireworks video comes on my niece is glued to the telly yelling "Look, look, the fireworks come out of her boobies" it's her favourite part of the video.

  15. Love GAGA!!!!! and Katy Perry plus Pink. I love how individual they are, they stand out and aren't afraid to stand out!!

  16. I love Lady Gaga. I definitely have to agree, Born This Way made me think of Madonna...


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