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Sunday 20 February 2011

Update of the Pictures of My Bookshelf

This is my read shelf. 

Behind the James (the skeleton with the maracas) are the Vampire Academy books and the Blue Bloods books. The first shelf is still reserved for Young Adult Vampire books.

Books in this shelf:

Twilight Complete Series
A New Dawn
The Host
House of Night Complete Series
Evernight Complete Series
The Eternal Ones
Vampire Academy Complete Series
Blue Blood Complete Series

Second shelf  is the adult genre. Books in this shelf:

Black Dagger Brotherhood Complete Series
Covet by J.R. Ward
Sookie Stackhouse Complete Series
Night Huntress Complete Series, including the spin off.
Time Traveler's Wife
Minion by L. A. Banks
The Nanny Diaries and The Nanny Returns

There are so many books here, I won't bore you by naming them all. It's a little blurry, sorry.

The last shelf is reserve for the manga and the books that don't fit on the top.

Books to Read shelf.

Part read shelf and part to read shelf.

The top shelf is filled with books Ive read shelf. The other shelfs are to be read shelves.

My last two shelves are for Dvds. My other obssession.

My newest shelf. I got it from CSN Stores and its beautiful!! A review will be coming up soon.

... and that is all folks. What do you think?


  1. You are so organized. The shelves look great. Happy reading!

  2. WOW!!
    So impressive, your shelves are so colourful! Lots of great books

  3. Oh. My. Goodness! You cannot even began to guess at how much I envy you right now! I wish I had that many books. I have maybe 120(?)!!! Teach me, master, on how you got such a fine collection ;) Jk, jk. I guess I'll just have to wait for my collection to grow. *sighs and mutters "I still envy you though..."*

  4. WOW! you probably have more books that I like, than my school library and the town's library all combine. I live in a small town, call Presidio, meaning prison. And trust me, it lives to its name. LOL. Anyway, nice shelves, compare to mine, which are just lines of books stack on the floor, since I barely fit in my room.

  5. Your bookshelves are so wonderfully organized! I have a few that are organized...but mostly there seems to have been a book explosion in my house...

  6. Absolutely love your shelves, Tasch. Wish I was as organised as you though. :P



  7. I'm so envious of all your shelves! I have a floor to ceiling book case that is completely full. I've even doubled up the books so I can't see half of them simply to get more on there. The books are so heavy that the selves are bowing down. The rest of my books are just floating around the house on any flat surface they find.

  8. I absolutely love that your first shelf and mine look SOOO much alike. It's totally cool. They're twin shelves hahaha

  9. I love your shelves. You have so many and your system rocks! I will never have one as organized. I'm as obsessed with my bookshelves as I am with the books on it. My system changes so much that in the end it is hardly a system at all! Thanks for sharing, I love these kinds of posts!

  10. I think I want to come to your house and pet your books.

  11. Its really nice. Somehow that is just how i've always imagined my room to be.

    Ps. when will be announcing the winners to your giveaway?

  12. @Jessica Hahahaha

    I will announce the winners soon, there were a BUNCH of entries, and I have to go through the posts for the extra entires, so please be patient, just a little longer!

  13. AWESOME! You have so many books yet they're all so neat. I don't have many and they're all over the place lol.
    And I like how your Supernatural dvd box is just sitting there for everyone to drool over xP

  14. Oh my. Wow. Lol, I'm always jealous of how people manage to keep their shelves so organized. But it's so pretty. <33

  15. Beautiful!!! I just set up my special reading/writing room over the weekend (check tomorrow's post for pictures!) and I love it. I just started ordering books last year and have over 100 but your bookshelves put me to shame!

  16. I am so jealous! Soo many books and you have all that room! I have to keep all my books in boxes and my closet.

  17. Ah, I want your shelves (and the books with them, of course!). I don't have any real shelves. =/ I just use whatever I can find.

    My poor books are still packed up right now because I'm not sure when we will be moving again.

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE your book shelves. SO organized and so many book OMG. Can't beleve you TBR shelf is that bog and you actually have all those books waiting to be read. LUCKY!!

    I also like you have my complete friends DVD and I have sex and the city!

    Love your shelves. here's what mine look like

  19. Isn't it so great to wake up and look at so many books in the morning or afternoon depending on what time you went to sleep. I don't have nearly as many TBR books as you, but I have never had a pile like I have. It makes me smile to see such a choice. It's like my own tiny bookstore. Love the CSN book shelf. Love all your books. A room can never have too many books. I especially love your skeleton! I have one too only it's a bride skeleton and she sits in a wire shoe.


  20. Man, I want my room to look like that! Very neat. I noticed you had Supernatural and Smallville, my two favorite shows, I'm glad I'm not the only one who reads the Supernatural tie-in novels lol. Also, saw the Mortal Instruments, those have got to be some of my favorite books ever.

  21. This may sound creepy, but I kinda want to live in that room. :D

  22. Woah you have soo many books!!!
    You're such a lucky scoundrel. :)
    I am going to make it my mission to have something like that one day.
    Thanks for posting. Have a super awesome day!

  23. *drools* We have a lot of the same books but still, so many I want!

    Where do you get those lovely black bookcases?! If I had more bookcases I wouldn't be using my FLOOR to stack books! :) Aw, we have the same skeleton too!

  24. That's what my room looks like!! Looks like the book fairy unloaded her bag at both our houses! lol

  25. Bahhhhhh!!!!! I'm jealous!!!! You have sooooo many books. Since I don't have a job, I don't always get the books I want. (if I did, my parents would be so broke, it's not even funny) so k have to resort to begging in the stores, checking out from the library (which isn't so bad because if I don't like it, it's ok because I didn't waste any money) and borrowing from friends (which makes me sad because we all like the same books, and I fall in love with the borrowed book, but I dont get to keep it )
    And I love your DVDs. I working on getting my collection to better standards :)
    Anyways, awesome!!!!

  26. ~envy aura towards you~ LOVE YOUR SHELVES!!I'd looove to have that many books!! but it takes some effort here in my country:/!!!
    love them!!

  27. sooo I think that you are obsessed by books and I am jealous :D My books are organized by color.

  28. but....do you have room for SHOES?????

    WOW. That's a LOT of books. :) (sorta reminds me of my yarn stash)


  29. You were right. I need to come and raid your shelves. I saw you had 'The Uglies' series there but were missing the last one 'extras'. Did you read it? I have all four books.

  30. I love your bookshelves :) They are so pretty :) It reminds me of when I go to my friend's house. I love looking at the shelves :) Tell me how do you arrange them? I've got mine in alphabetical order by author's last name, but I'm getting kind of bored it it. Any suggestions anyone? (:


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