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Thursday 10 February 2011

Casting, Casting.. Who wants to be Jace Wayland?

Who doesn't have an inner secret dream of being an actor or actress? They have the good life, and the only thing they need is talent (plus a ton of patience). It's a good life, and it could be yours.

"Think you’ve got what it takes to play the male lead in Screen Gems’ film adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling series, Mortal Instruments? If you can play age 18-25 and think you’re right for Jace Wayland, you just might land the part through Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Face of the Fan®, an initiative for finding new talent, which has launched a casting call for the film. 
By visiting www.FaceOfTheFan.com, users nationwide can now participate in this casting call, which launched on Friday, January 28th. The audition consists of the user’s contact info, a headshot photo, and a video (two minutes or less) of the person auditioning in which he answers a question: “Why are you the right person to play Jace Wayland in the upcoming movie?” The audition submission process will end on February 25th."
Okay so I'm not a guy so I can't audition to be Jace, and I know most of the blogger Ive met are girls, but if you know anybody who has dreams of being a star, a guy with a passion, please let them know! This is a great opportunity! They could be the next Robert Pattison (though less gay and more awesome).

I myself will be shouting this left and right. Planning a visit to the theater department here at school to let them know in fact.

Other than that, what do you think about this? Obviously were not getting a known star to play our Jace, but is that good or bad? In my honest opinion (like I ever give any other) I think this rocks. I really want a new face to portray Jace, a hidden talent somewhere. I can't wait to see who gets the part and how it changes their lives.

But that is just me, what do you think? Did you have any illusions as to your favorite actor playing the part? If so, who did you want?

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  1. I think it's a brilliant idea, someone unknown is more likely to work harder, and want the part more. I want someone to play Jace who seriously wants that damn part, and I want them to rock it and make us swoon like Jace has managed to!

    Lol I love that comment about RP to right!

  2. Alex pettyfer is the only Jace for me!

  3. +1 :)

    I kind of wish they'd cast Pettyfer so that he is too busy to play Peeta. I really want an unknown for Peeta.

  4. I agree with Alyssa. I always picture Alex Pettyfer.

  5. I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award here. http://bookskidsanimalsandmore.blogspot.com/2011/02/one-lovely-blog-award.html

  6. I totally agree that Alex perryfer would have made an AWESOME Jace! But I also like the idea that someone new gets the shot of a lifetime! This could be their break! The casting director just needs to make the right call, because anyone can "play" Jace, but only someone really special can BE the Jace that we all love!

  7. I am a bit disappointed at the fact that Alex Pettyfer isn't going to be playing Jace; I thought that he would be perfect for the role. Now I am starting to think that it would be an amazing opportunity for a fresh new talent to step into the spotlight. We'll see. : )

  8. I was thinking Alex Pettyfer, but all of the sudden he's in I am Four and Beastly and maybe, he's a little too well known. Maybe an unknown like Taylor Lautner was when he came on as Jacob, someone unknown like him for Jace would be good. You know there a thousands of good looking guys out there that can act, it's just a matter of picking the right one. And don't let Twilight casting director anywhere near it. The only thing she got right was Taylor Lautner. And she almost didn't pick him!b


  9. I think it's better when roles like this are played by unknown actors, otherwise you can sometimes get distracted from the movie by remembering other roles they have played.

  10. I really wanted it be Alex pettyfer, OMG, i imagined him, when i read the books, i mighty disappointed now

  11. Alex P. was my first choice but I kind of like the idea of Jace being played by an unknown actor!

  12. I think it could be fun to see someone unknown playing Jace that way we won't remember that actor for something else and when they did a huge casting to find Harry Potter it went ok so I hope who ever it will be that it will do the books justice.



  13. +1 :)

    I think they should just use a complete stranger. I just how the actors are not known and it also gives me the opportunity to not have second thooughts abt the movie due to the actors.

  14. Umm, does that mean no Alex Pettyfer? I have to have a short mourning period before I fantasize about another actor to play Jace.

  15. Uhm. I really wanted Alex Pettyfer, too. But maybe he would be too busy, what with I Am Four and Beastly and everything. I wouldn't want him to star in too many YA movies made from boosk, anyway. So maybe it's better to have a new actor to play Jace.

    He would've made a stunning Jace, though.

  16. I'm so sad about Alex Pettyfer. I really want him to be Jace and I know I'm not the only one. But as time passes, that becomes more unlikely. I do hope that if they don't get Alex Pettyfer, they get someone as good if not better than him. *big big sigh*

  17. i think its a awsome idea i mean we could use some new faces and it would be so cool to have someone new to play the part becuase the part would obviously mean more to the actor and we al know jace deserves that ...if only i was older....and a boy :/

  18. I love this series and I really hope that whoever they pick does Jace justice!


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