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Saturday 15 January 2011

Reading System

Question is, do you have one? Since I started pain in the ass college Ive had to come up with a schedule for everything. And by everything I mean everything. Reading used to be one of the small pleasures in life, now is something I get to do whenever I'm not trying to memorize Japanese. So instead of sitting down and reading one book a day Ive come up with a reading system.


Pick a book that fits your mood.


Check how many pages the book has.


If the book has 300 pages then it should take you only 3 days to read it. 100 pages a day. That's how I roll. Some days, when you have no homework, you can read more than the required 100 pages. That way you will read a book a week and still manage to not flunk out of college.

My new goal this year? 75 books this year. 100 if I'm really lucky ;)

And no, college books don't count!

Now my question is,
do you have a reading system?

It may help other people who need to organize themselves. 
Let us rejoice from your wisdom!

PS; comment here and get an extra entry in my Goodbye 2010 contest =]


  1. First off - love your blog - Second...with two crazy kids, one awesome husband, full time work, house to clean, novel to finish, dishes, laundry (this could take a while) - it is hard for me to fit in reading...I like your 100 pages a day system - but I am not sure I could do that. I read at night in bed...but I usually pass out before 100 pages ;-)! Reading is my favorite escape - I am reading Matched right now - has anyone read it?

  2. @Jill why thank you! (I try =])

    Has anyone read Matched you say? I loved that fricking novel!! It was one of the best 2010 books EVER!

  3. I don't have a reading system though I like the sound of yours - I could probably do 100 day if I would just get off the pc earlier than I do lol.

  4. I completely understand the interference that college can have on the time of enjoyment reading. My reading system basically is whenever I'm feeling crazy from all the less enjoyment reading my professors assign, I make myself take a short break and read something that I want to. Sometimes it's a reward system; if I get through this boring chapter then I can read two chapters from a "real" book. One other system I've done before is letting myself read one chapter a night before I go to bed. I'm going to be an English teacher, so it is important to me to set an example and create a habit of just reading something enjoyable no matter what is going on in my life. It keeps me sane and a little happier.

  5. 100 pages a day? I'm lucky if I get through a quarter of that. But then, I mostly read at night, in bed... so it's not like I can really spend hours reading. I need to sleep, too!

  6. I don't really have a reading system. I just read whenever I have the chance. When I was in college I wasn't able to read all that much, especially when I lived on campus. Once I moved off-campus I read much more though. It was a lot of reading at night and in between classes.

    I usually read 20 pages here and there throughout the day. It's not how I love to read, but I was able to finish a couple of books a week that way.

  7. When I read, I usually just follow your commandment and read until my eyes bleed. It works for me!

  8. I don't have a reading system but sometimes I think I should. I like your 100 pages a day system, may have to give it a try. :)

    Oh and not read Matched but heard a lot of mixed thoughts about that one. :)

  9. I always try to come with a reading system, but it never seems to work. I'm also at an EVIL college which comes up with ridiculous assignments for me to do.

    Maybe I could try using your system, currently I just pick a book that I've bought and looks good and either read until my head hurts or I finish the book. :) I average 2 books a weekend. 3 if I'm really trying to push it.

  10. The only reading system that I have is that I plan out what books I'm going to read next ahead of time. Each month I usually get 2 to 3 books from the library, so those are the first things I read. Then, I'll pick a couple of books that I own and read them while I wait for the next group of library books to arrive.

    I just finished the library books that I had, so now I'm reading some of my own books that I haven't read yet.

    @Taschima: I like your 100 pages a day plan. I wish I could do that. I probably wouldn't take so much time on some books. My pages read varies on whether I work or not, or if I'm super tired, or if I watch some tv shows that night, etc.

    --Matched has been on my TBR for a little bit now. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go buy it soon.

  11. Wow. My goal is 100 books in a year, and I'm in high school! I would try your 100 pages a day, but if I started reading, I would never stop- leading to more procrastination. Plus 100 pages is at least an hour and a half of time. Time my homework simply will not allow me to spare. :(

  12. My reading system is very similar to yours, except that the number of pages I read per day depends on when the book needs to be reviewed. If I'm under deadline, I like to finish a book in 4 or 5 days and then review it very close to the day I have to post the review. But if I don't have a specific scheduele, I just let myself read whenever I want xD

  13. Yeah - isn't college great! I don't think I managed to read ANY pleasure books when I was in school. Good for you for being able to schedule them in!

    Me? I read whenever I can - like every second that I'm not doing something else.

    When I was younger...I used to read while waiting at red lights...


  14. I don't have a reading system yet, but I'm trying to organize one! I'm pretty busy with school as well, so it's difficult to read as much as I used to before. I have a bad habit of reading late at night. : )

  15. Even though i'm not in college at the moment, i will still follow this because it helps.
    Great advice!!

  16. Hope you're leaving room to hang out with people and do some social networking too. Granted the book blogging is networking heh~~

    O, to answer the question... I don't have a system. I just read when two things are true: I have something I want to read and I have time to read it heh~~

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
    Loving the Reviews Challenge

  17. Before I decided to participate in a 2011 Reading Challenge I'd simply pick a book that fit my mood, but now I am always checking the number of pages too, just to be sure to get a head start :-D !!

    Oh and 100 pages a day sound good to me, though sometimes it's just 50 and then 200, but in the end it always depends on how much time you've got and how much you're into the particular book.

  18. I tried limiting myself to so many chapters a day[usually about 12-15, depending on how long the chapters were, and how small the writing]. However I had the bad habit of thinking just one more chapter won't hurt, and would stay up until 1am or 2am reading.
    To this day I can't fall asleep before 1am.
    I briefly tried getting up earlier to read, but that didn't work, I couldn't concentrate because I kept worrying I was going to be late.

  19. I don't have a reading system. I read the books I've promised to review first. If I'm having a hard time with finishing it, I read another book in between, but other than that I just pick a book and read until I fall asleep.


  20. The only reading schedule I have set for myself is to read for an hour before bed. That way I always make sure that I get some reading in every day. And I always allow myself one free pass a week if I am utterly exhausted to skip it. It works for me and lets me continue to plow through my reading pile!

  21. I don't have a reading system, per say. I give myself at least an hour a day to read, and sometimes it's split into 15 min chunks, but it all equals up to an hour :)

  22. We seem to have the same system. I do go through times when I want to read a book but then when it comes time to pick it up, I'm just not in the mood anymore. The page count isn't such a big deal unless I'm in a hurry. Hopefully I'll read my goal of 150.

  23. I know the feeling! pleasure reading is so limited in college because you have to do the assignments first! i am still a freshman so i am just starting out but i do have a reading system...kinda.
    I try to read every single day, doesn't matter how much usually atleast a chapter or so depending on the book, but sometimes it is a whole book and i am up all night reading it. This usually gets me through 3-5 books a week depending. i just dont have a scheduled time to read. it is usually a reward for finishing an assignment or if i have time.

  24. I like the sound of your reading system! :) I don't really have a reading system myself because I tend to get carried away and spend more time reading than doing what I'm supposed to on a school night... So my resolve is to read when I do have hours of free time so that I can enjoy my book without interruptions! :P

  25. I handled college by reading what I wanted. I did my papers largely off of in-class notes and the index and made sure I studied for exams with people who had done the reading. :)

  26. Ugh I know, school totally cuts into my reading time :P
    Whenever I complain to my friend that I have so much school reading to do she simply says "it's cuz you read other books for fun!' Well..yeah! I could never stop reading cuz I have schoolwork to catch up on PSHH

    I'm lucky (in a weird way) that I have an hour and a half commute to school so that's where I do all my reading, makes the time pass much quicker!

  27. I don't have a certain system. It tends to be if I read a paranormal book I find that I'm in the mood for a contemporary book next, so often it ends up in a pattern. As for reading, it's always when I'm in bed after I've done all my college work that day and am supposed to be sleeping. So depending on how tired I am it takes me about a week to read a book.

  28. I kind of have a reading system right now, because I'm trying to get back into my reading and read more. So depending on the size of the book, I try and read it within a week. Sometimes less. I never really know what I'll be doing the next day, sometimes, so it works well with that.

    In example if a book was 400 pages long. I'd try and maybe read it in 5 days.

    So I'd do 400 divided into 5. Which is 80. So I'd try and at least read 80 pages in one day.

    Lately, I've been getting a few books off Netgalley. So I've been trying to read both books. Again depending on the pages, I'd do the same thing. But with both books and read the goal out of one book, and then read the goal out of the netgalley book.

    For the book I'm reading right now, The Dark Divine, I didn't really set a goal.

    So I'm just reading when I can.

  29. Another entry :)

    I wish I had a reading system. Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed by all the choices that I can't decide what to read. Depending on how much I like the book I'll read between 50-100 pages a day; more on weekends. I work a 9-5 and I'm going to start up classes again soon and may start a job with tons of OT so I'm really afraid I won't have time to read anymore. I read 85 books last year but set a goal for 75 this year.

  30. My reading system is a lot less systematic than that. Actually, it's kind of embarassing. I just pick up whatever close at hand and start reading, and if I like it, I finish it. I ususally have about nine books on the back burner, just sitting on my shelf with scraps of paper or swag marking pages. I've resolved to finish all unfinished books this year though, and I'm not aiming to read as many books as I can either. This year is more about savoring the stories than cramming as many into my head as i can.

  31. haha that was awesome!!!!! my system depends on my mood, whether I feel like reading something cheery or emotional or slip into another world that is unlike reality. Then it is whether I want to read a small or thick book. Mostly though, I read a lot more in the holidays then the school year or tafe in my case. hoping to do at least one book a week with school, work and homework in between. :)

  32. Thank you for sharing. I like your system and I think I will try it.
    I don't have a system I just read what comes next in my pile of books, sometime I change one for another when a new books in a series comes out.

  33. i can really only read books that im in the mood for...i wasn't i the mood for guilty pleasures when i first started it...i left it a couple of months until i really wanted to read it and loved it.

    i read at night when im in bed and at lunch when im at work...thats the only time i get anymore but its still a good couple of hours each day

  34. I usually pick the book I can't wait to read, or, if I can't decide, I put them in alphabetical order. I'm doing a challenge of 100 books too! Good luck!!

  35. I'm constantly coming across new and interesting reads, so books in my TBR pile are constantly shifting. No set system here...


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