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Friday 21 January 2011

CSN Stores have Done it Again!

Do you guys by any chance my last CSN review? It concerned Laptop Sleeves. Well now I think I might want a kick ass laptop messenger bag, and I think I know just the place to find it...


They have a bunch of different kinds of messenger bags, like:

Laptop Messenger Bags
Women's Messenger Bags
Business Messenger Bags
Urban/Casual Messenger Bags
Kids Messenger Bags
Cute as hell.
Fabric Messenger Bags
Leather Messenger Bags
Closeout Messenger Bags
Cool Messenger Bags

Don't they look awesome?! For an affordable price too.

Then again, I might get a bookcase, since I'm in a dire need of one.

Ive gotten stuff from them before, and they haven't disappointed me so far. Their delivery time is shorter than expected every time, their product was in perfect condition when it got to my door, and from then it was a breeze to either unwrap the product or put it together.

Style in an affordable price, now who doesn't just love that?!

PS; comment here and get an extra entry in my Goodbye 2010 contest =]


  1. I really like CSN stores; they're kitchen store makes me droooooool! That stair-style shelf is so cute!

  2. I love the leather messenger bag that is so cool! I might have to buy myself one!

  3. Hmm! I've seen those CSN gift certificates as prizes before but never really checked them out. I love the cool lap top bag. I'd use it as a purse. (I carry a lot of extra crap to make sure I have everything for my kids) And I love those open book shelves. I bet they are a lot cheaper than the ones the movers messed up from Pottery Barn! I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the pictures.


  4. I love the second bag! It reminds me of Narnia or old British style, something to that effect. : )

  5. I love that bookshelf that leans over, and the bag that says keep together!!! loves!!!!

  6. They have so many cute bags! As if I needed something besides the bookshelves to drool over...love their affordable prices though!

  7. I really want some of the stuff on their website. :( It's so cool!

  8. +1 for the contest

    I really need to check out that store. I desperately need another bookcase but seem to keep buying more books instead.

  9. I could really use more bookshelves, as well! The messenger bags are really nice looking, too.

  10. I did not know they had bags!

  11. I like the bags and more bookcases I wish I had the space and the money to buy them all;-)

  12. I like the kids messanger bag more than the rest of them, they are just so dang cute! I can't resist...it would make a good late birthday gift for my little sis, hmmm

  13. I love their messanger bags and bookcases!

  14. I love the messenger bags...and I may need a new bookshelf to hold all of my books! Hahaha

  15. I love the first bag a lot! I love CSN stores!


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