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Tuesday 10 August 2010

A Trailer Worth Watching!

To be completely honest I don't like most book trailers. I think Ive already said this before, but the ones I watch and actually like I must give a thumbs up to and post here at the blog.

This trailer is for the Beautiful Dead series. I'ts kind of like an inspector series where this girl goes around uncovering the truth of four different deaths. The first book is Jonas, and the second one is Arizona. I read Jonas, and it's soo good.


Something strange is happening in Ellerton High. Phoenix is the fourth teenager to die within a year. His street fight stabbing follows the deaths of Jonas, Summer and Arizona in equally strange and sudden circumstances. Rumours of ghosts and strange happenings rip through the small community as it comes to terms with shock and loss. Darina, Phoenix's grief-stricken girlfriend, is on the verge. She can't escape her intense heartache, or the impossible apparitions of those that are meant to be dead. And all the while the sound of beating wings echo inside her head...

And then one day Phoenix appears to Darina. Ecstatic to be reunited, he tells her about the Beautiful Dead. Souls in limbo, they have been chosen to return to the world to set right a wrong linked to their deaths and bring about justice. Beautiful, superhuman and powerful, they are marked by a 'death mark' -- a small tattoo of angel's wings. Phoenix tells her that the sound of invisible wings beating are the millions of souls in limbo, desperate to return to earth. Darina's mission is clear: she must help Jonas, Summer, Arizona, and impossibly, her beloved Phoenix, right the wrong linked to their deaths to set them free from limbo so that they can finally rest in peace. Will love conquer death? And if it does, can Darina set it free?

The trailer is very spooky! I think it fits the series perfectly.


  1. Glad to see you like the series so much too! I'm really excited for the next installment. Love the trailer!!

  2. Haven't seen the trailer so far, but it's really awesome :) Now I want to read the book even more :) I've actually won the 1st book on a contest & now I'm waiting for it :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. That is spooky - spooky good.

  4. I agree finding good book trailers is a rare thing and this one is really good. Its so eerie, very nice ^_^


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