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Thursday 5 August 2010

August Releases!!!

Here are 23 new awesome titles coming out this month.


  1. The Iron Daughter was mindblowingly AWESOME!! much better then the Iron King...Paranormalcy was a great debut i really liked it!

    Cant wait to read The Eternal ones and INFINATE DAYS!!! Girl Parts looks pretty good too :)

  2. It appears we have many good books to look forward to. I love this hobby. :)

  3. Thanks for filling us in Taschima! :)

  4. There's a lot of good releases this month. You could pretty much say I'm excited about every single one of these :)

  5. August is such a fantastic month! I feel like I should clear off the 2nd half of my calendar and most of September too - just to get through them all.

  6. I defininately want to read Soul Enchilada. Just love the name.


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