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Monday 16 August 2010

College Essentials 101

While I was searching at Target for College Essentials I found that in the page. Since when has New Moon been considered a college ESSENTIAL? I couldn't believe my eyes!

So I decided to share it with you guys. Ive been busy buying college stuff, now you know where, and preparing because I MOVE THIS WEEK END.

Who is moving soon to college? Which college? Are you excited or scared? Tell me all about it!

PS; Go with the flow on the fantastic editing of that image. Provided by Paint ;)


  1. Well of course New Moon is a college essential. Didn't you know you would be meeting vampires in college? You have to know how to deal with them ;)

    Good luck with the move and the new college and everything!!!!

    College was a blast for me. Learned a ton, made some really great friends and I have a ton of stories that I hope my daughter NEVER HEARS :)

    Woo hoo!

  2. hahaha that's hilarious. I guess kids will be watching movies instead of studying, so that would be a college essential. I'm going to college soon, too! I'm commuting for the first semester(VERY long story there) but I feel your pain. I'm going to a state school in Pennsylvania that you've probably never heard of.

  3. Oh boy - I hope to god, you bought New Moon, you can't have a good college experience without it....or can you?

    LOL - basket marketing - gotta love it.

  4. It makes perfect sense to have New Moon as a college essential. Its essential for room-mates to know if they are rooming with a Twihard and whether they should RUN AWAY NOW or hope for the best.

    Or for Team Edward vs. Team Jacob college room-mates to face off.

    Ahhh jesu college already? Not going off to college, not me ::sigh::

  5. It's incredible how far the whole Twilightsaga has go!

    I am from Mexico and I started college last week (I'm a freshman), I'm at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) majoring in English Literature, I'm loving every single thing of it (even though I have lots of homework to do!).

    I hope you have a great time at college!

  6. Oh, you're dorming! That's cool--I don't dorm because I didn't want want to leave my house and the college I ended up attending is literally 10 minutes away so dorming would be pointless...

    Anyway. New Moon is ESSENTIAL? Lies. Food is essential. Water is essential. New Moon...is merely an indulgence, lol.

  7. Hahaha, well I know I'M bringing my New Moon DVD to college ;)...

    I'm going to college in Seattle and I'm super excited to leave, but I don't go til the end of September!

  8. I know how you feel, I'm moving to college in october. Cologne, yay, I'm so excited ! :) No parents, no people to tell you what to do, ohmygod, love it. <3

    But .. what I'm definitely NOT gonna take with me is New Moon. My only essential is my laptop. ^^

  9. Hahaha, well, college has definitely changed since I've been there then. :P

    Hope the move goes well for you, hunni. So excited for you!



  10. @Pirate Penguin Actually I'm not going to live on a dorm, I'm living off campus in an apartment with about 3 other people xD The place is called Tenn Street Station, so cool.

  11. New Moon is not essential I should know because I am done with college. I finished my last class in June and am now free and still thinking if I should walk for my graduation or just tell those people to hurry up and give me my diploma.

    All I can say is that a microwave is very essential, make sure everyone supplies toilet paper and you guys make a cleaning agreement from the very beginning no matter how well everyone seems to get along or how nice everyone seems.

    College students really do eat ramen noodles, those things are cheeeap. Don't be shy! Don't sit by yourself in class, sit next to a classmate in the middle, talk to people ^_^ Raise your hand to ask questions if you need too and make sure you have menu's for the local pizza and Chinese food places that deliver. Oh and a water pitcher filter will save you money and the environment ^_^.

    And make sure to call home. I was real homesick my first semester.

  12. @Sandy I gots a microwave at my place, in my room plus a mini fridge (and they came in the room o.O didn't have to buy them!)

    I think your advise is one of the best Ive heard so far, thanks Sandy!

  13. All I have to say is if your room does not have a lock on the outside so you can lock you things in...... Get a new lock or a safe, because I could not tell you how many people stole my things! Some from room mates some from my roommates friends and you can never prove a thing! lol

    Not telling you this to make you scared just want to let you know so you can be safe rather than sorry. Oh and buy lots of paper plates everyone hates doing the dishes! Also make sure you get ear plugs because when you have a test the next morning chances are your roommates don't lol If I think of any more Ill let you know!

    Have fun this will be the hardest and best time of your life... believe me I know Im now in the real world =(


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