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Friday 13 August 2010

Interview With Kirsten Miller + Giveaway!!!

Kristen Miller is the author of The Eternal Ones, a YA novel that just hit bookstores on August 10. The Eternal Ones is a story on Reincarnation, murder, and love. Those are the main things, but it's so much more than that!! Kristen really has an unique voice that I think most of you guys would love. I know I do.

She is also the author of the Kiki Strike series, one that I have YET to read, but that it's now on the top of myWish list.

A Summary on The Eternal Ones:

What if love refused to die?

Haven Moore can’t control her visions of a past with a boy called Ethan, and a life in New York that ended in fiery tragedy. In our present, she designs beautiful dresses for her classmates with her best friend Beau. Dressmaking keeps her sane, since she lives with her widowed and heartbroken mother in her tyrannical grandmother’s house in Snope City, a tiny town in Tennessee. Then an impossible group of coincidences conspire to force her to flee to New York, to discover who she is, and who she was.

In New York, Haven meets Iain Morrow and is swept into an epic love affair that feels both deeply fated and terribly dangerous. Iain is suspected of murdering a rock star and Haven wonders, could he have murdered her in a past life? She visits the Ouroboros Society and discovers a murky world of reincarnation that stretches across millennia. Haven must discover the secrets hidden in her past lives, and loves¸ before all is lost and the cycle begins again.

Now let do this again, and again, and again...

1. What are your views, beliefs, on Reincarnation?
Why Reincarnation?

I love the idea of reincarnation. I truly believe it could explain so much! (Déjà vu, love at first sight, phobias, why I’ve always felt the need to travel to Istanbul.)

I’m not sure if I believe in reincarnation, though I’ve heard plenty of stories that have made me wonder if there might be something to it. Lots of little kids seem to “remember” other incarnations—and some of the details they offer are pretty darn convincing. So let’s just say that if my daughter (who’s nineteen months old) ever starts talking about a previous life, I’m going to pay VERY close attention to whatever she tells me!

2. Is this series in anyway similar to your other series (Kiki Strike)?

Funny you should ask . . . a Kiki Strike fan posted on Facebook that she was disappointed to hear that The Eternal Ones is “about love.” Well it is, but I promise this book is just as exciting and strange as any of the Kiki Strike novels. It’s written for a more mature audience, and it does feature a whole lottaromance, but it was written by me. And I’m incapable of writing books that aren’t extremely weird on many levels.

3. Talk to us about New York, why did you choose it for the novel, your feelings towards it, favorite places, bookstores, I don't know, anything! xD

New York City is my favorite place in the world. I feel so lucky to live here. Even when I stroll down a street I walk every day, I always stumble across something new and exciting. Always. I just moved to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn, and I’m really fascinated by all the nineteenth century stables and carriage houses near my home. (I’m a big history buff.) And there are lots of hidden houses, too! (KikiStrike fans will know what I’m talking about.) That’s why I always encourage people to explore their own neighborhoods. You never know what you’ll find! (For instance, my house used to be a brothel. How crazy is that?)

Quite a few of my favorite places are actually featured in The Eternal Ones: the Washington Mews, Washington Square Park, Central Park Lake, etc.

Taschima: I've only been to New York once in my entire life, for BEA, and I love it! I absolutely love when novels put their characters there.

Kristen: The next time you’re back, drop me a note and I’ll show you around!

Taschima: Eeeks!!!! **excited!**

4. Do you love Iain or Ethan more?
Who is your favorite guy of the novel and why?

I adore them both. A friend of mine once observed that I tend to go for “swashbuckling” men. I think that label fits both Ethan and Iain. (And I’ve always had a thing for guys with auburn hair like Ethan’s.) See, that’s the nice thing about writing books with a little romance in them. You get to dream up some pretty amazing love interests for your heroines.

I also have a big crush on Beau Decker. (And why not? I have a big crush on Neil Patrick Harris, too.)

5. And finally, my favorite question,
If you were to pick actors for your book, who would you pick and why.

I can’t really say who I’d choose to portray Haven or Iain. None of the usual suspects, I assure you.

The one actor I thought of when writing this book was James Franco.

He would be the perfect Adam Rosier. Perfect! He has such a wicked smile. And those cheekbones!

Taschima: Oh God yes. I would watch that movie in a heartbeat. Hehe...

Moving Along!!! I just loved this book. After I read it I knew I has to somehow contact Kristen and make this happen, thank goodness she is such a good person and agreed!!

If you wish to see my review on The Eternal Ones Click Here.

Now in honor of this interview (and the release of The Eternal Ones!!!) whoever comments on this post will be entered on a special giveaway for a copy of The Eternal Ones.

Oh and, there may be 1 or 2, or 3 winners... Have yet to confirm ;)

**Edit! There will be 2 winners!!!**

If you want to be entered leave a comment that is regarding the interview, the novels, the author, additional information perhaps, etc. Please don't just leave 'Enter me!' Because it won't be accepted xD

Also leave your name and email address. If you don't feel comfortable leaving your email address email me atbloodybookaholic (at) hotmail (dot) com

**Extra Entry**

If you comment on my review of The Eternal Ones you will get one extra entry into this giveaway, so really there is only that one extra entry hehe

Guys this book is TOO good to pass up, so even if you don't wish to win the book go to your library and see if they have it, or even better go to your nearest bookstore and make a purchase!

The giveaway will end on September 1 at 11:59. Have a nice day!

US Only -sorry Int guys =[.


  1. James Franco! Great choice. I have to read this book now, lol. Thanks for the contest :)

    swordsforfighting at yahoo dot com

  2. The Eternal Ones sounds interesting, plus I cannot wait to read another book by Kirsten Miller (loved the Kiki Strike books). It's always nice when an author puts the characters in a setting in which they like and know a lot about. Thanks for the contest. ^_^

    hauntingorchid (at) aol (dot) com

  3. I am dying to read this book! The interview was great, and James Franco is wonderful. I am so excited for this!!



  4. I love the idea of Reincarnation, too! I agree with her. It would explain SO many things!

    I'd never heard of her Kiki Strike series... Hmm... Maybe I should check those out?

    I don't think any author can choose their favorite between their own characters... lol

    Thanks for the giveaway and nice interview!

    Sophia Lee

  5. I really can not wait for this book! The idea of reincarnation is so interesting! Definately sounds like a good one!

    I commented on your review :)


  6. Wow, great giveaway, This book makes me very curious. Is the contest international? I hope so.


  7. Sorry, I forgot to add:

    +1 I commented on your review.


  8. I wouldlike to believe in the reincarnation because is another path to get the inmortal love..we are romantics, aren't?
    Please count me in only if it's also for international entries, thanks :)
    paraelisa (At) hotmail (DoT) com

  9. International? Because I live in Mexico and this book sound great!


  10. The book seems very interesting. I liked particularly the question and the answer of the interview about reincarnation: I believe in it!

    Is the contest open internationally?

  11. Wow. James Franco. So hot.
    And I totally have a crush on Neil Patrick Harris too!
    This book just keeps getting better, the more I hear about it. MUST READ!

    kemendraugh at gmail dot com

  12. I've heard such good things about this book from other bloggers and I really want to read it! Her Kiki Strike series sounds interesting too!

    twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com

  13. Ooh, first comment =)
    Is the Ouroboros Society real? And what exactly do they do, besides accept people with past lifes?

    Name- Sophie (I dunno, I don't really want to put out my last name... kinda paranoid about it)
    Email- sophiep6501@gmail.com

  14. Love the interview, I love James Franco I've been watching him on GH and have fallen for him hard!!
    I would love to win Kirsten Miller's book.

    Jessica’s Vision
    also commented on review +1

  15. I love the choice of James Franco for the movie. I would have to be there opening day for that one!

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  16. I've been trying to win this book all summer all over the blogosphere! This might be my last chance so thanks for hosting this giveaway! Wish me luck!

  17. Those are great interview questions! Kristen Miller's answer about reincarnation and kids recalling past lives was really cool! I saw a psychic tell a mother once that her baby was her grandfather reincarnated! And I'd watched anything with James Franco in it!


  18. i LOVE Kirsten miller! i love the kiki strike series, and i am very excited for the third book to come out. i am also very excited to read this book :)

    Maddie J

  19. I am very interested to read this book. I need to finish read the five books I have now first though.
    sticks.string AT gmail(dot)com

  20. I looove James Franco! Good choice :) I have been dying to read The Eternal Ones. It sounds like a pretty unique book :)

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  21. Enter me!!! :)


    I'm dying to get my hands on this one.

  22. I have to agree that New York is an amazing city! I was able to visit once and I loved it. My only regret is not spending enough time there. I am really looking forward to reading this book!! Thanks for the giveaway!


  23. Hi, this is my first time visiting your website. Its cool. This book sounds very interesting, and am hoping to read it soon =]

  24. Kirsten Miller seems like a cool person.I love New York too, and even though I live near it, I hardly visit. I know it's sad. Anyway, I love the idea of the The Eternal Ones. I'm a little off and on about the idea of reincarnation, but you never know.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. I want to read this book sooooo bad! And you saying its too good to pass up has made me basically in NEED of this book:)

    -Dani S

  26. This book sounds very interesting! Though I'm not a believer of reincarnation, the idea of it blossoming in romantic fiction is fascinating!

    New York City is one of my favorite cities - it's so bumbling and busy, the city that never sleeps!

    name: Okapi
    email: xicecreamsjx@aol.com

    I commented on the review too!

  27. I've never been to New York before but it's on my list of places I want to see before I die. Very cool about your house's history. I love places that are just lousy with history! Savannah is probably one of my favorite places I've ever been. James Franco is such a cutie :)

    I would LOVE to be entered in this giveaway!

    Left a comment on the review


  28. haha I keep scrolling back up to check out the picture of James Franco, he is sooo cute! How come I haven't heard of him???? I love this interview, it was really fun to read!


  29. This book is on my list TBR! After reading your interview I am hooked and plan to read this next! I love story settings in New York! And the bookbsounds exciting! Thank you for the awesome interview, I am anxious to get ahold of this book! :)
    Have a nice day

  30. Fab interview (made even better by the James Franco pic!). I have The Eternal Ones close to the top of my tbr pile. Really looking forward to it now.

  31. I hope this is international.

    The other day, I was just daydreaming about a storyline like the one in The Eternal Ones. I'm not sure if it's deja vu or not. and James Franco is sooo haawt <3

    oh and commented on your review!
    feeyonachan at gmail dot com

  32. not too sure I believe in reincarnation but this sounds like an interesting and though provoking read. Also love anything I can share with my sons.

    scrtsbp at yahoo dot com

  33. I saw this book at the bookstore today and wanted to get it but I didn't have enough money. It sounds really good. The idea of reincarnation is very interesting to me and I'd like to see how it plays out in the book. Thanks for the giveaway! I commented on your review.

    ekta.p7 [at] gmail [dot] com

  34. I wanted to read it before but now you've mention James Franco so... I NEED to read it! lol

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway!
    entrelibros_blog at hotmail.com

  35. when i was younger and read kiki strike: inside the shadow city for the first time i felt i had learned more about myself after a few chapters than i had ever known in my entire life.
    i had great faith in the more spiritual side of life back then and especially loved kirsten because she seemed to believe that there was no such thing as coincidence (am i wrong? idk).

    and this is what's so eerie: i was also absolutely convinced that i was the reincarnation of a certain person (whom i don't want to say because now that i have 'stopped believing' as such i just find my past ideas and convictions hideously embarrassing) because of all these little 'coincidences' and feelings that kept on happening to me. if this book had been released just a few years ago by kirsten i would have been absolutely convinced it was a sign from Fate herself.

    i have yet to read The Eternal Ones, but when i do it would be even more eerily creepy (in a wonderful way of course!) if it was similar to my own story (apart from the fact that i think Haven gets closer than i ever did to her own past life hahaha).

    and my email is turboduel[at]hotmail[dot]com

  36. The Eternal Ones looks like an amazing read! I'm so glad you gave it such a stellar review. I love books that fly by when you're reading them. Also, as someone who believes in reincarnation, I'm really excited that a book like this one, with a slightly different spin is hitting the YA market. Brilliant!


  37. Great interview! This book has been at the top of my wishlist for a while, it sounds amazing! (:
    My email is maddie.mcphail@gmail.com

  38. I think that Kiki Strike might have been the first book I ever read just for myself.
    Obviously, I'm psyched to read this.

    Ooh, and James Franco? HOT!
    Also, thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

    Love, Hannah
    xoxosweeet at yahoo dot com

  39. Sometimes deja vu has me rethinking beliefs... reincarnation is a pretty good answer to that, I suppose...


  40. Though I don't quite like the cover, I'd love to read the book because everybody's so captivated. Books you loved were never a bad choice for me, so I think it will be pretty good. :)

    Plus I've never read about reincarnation and I think it would be very interesting.

    Greets, Nicola from Germany :)

  41. What a great interview with Kristen Miller This book sounds like it will be so good I can't wait to read it. on my wish list with so many more great books coming out:) Great giveaway thank you very much for the chance :)
    Latisha Depoortere

  42. I also commented on your review sorry forgot to put it in! thanks again!

  43. james franco is good looking for sure. i love books with a romantic triangle of some kind and i adore fantasy/paranormal books.

    this book sounds like it would be right up my alley.

    i also love the name haven for a girl.

    meaghan_koci (at) yhaoo (dot) com

  44. I haven't read any of the books by her yet. Hopefully I'll get my hands on this one eventually and I'll like it enough to read the rest of her books. Thanks for the chance to win.


  45. I never knew there were hidden houses and nineteenth century stables in Brooklyn. Seems like I need to investigate these books.

    I commented on your review


  46. The Eternal Ones sounds like a great story, very original and I want to find out more about it!

    James Franco is fiine in that picture x) The one actor I keep in mind when I write is Hunter Parrish.

    anbi14 at hotmail dot com

  47. I'm a believer and also like discovering new authors like Kirsten Miller! James Franco fan as well!


  48. Oooh this book sounds very intriguing...and James Franco...I love James Franco haha
    Reincarnation and love make such an interesting mix, I'm loving all the books that have been coming out with this kind of theme, they keep you on your toes! :)
    Thanks for the contest!

    Name: Ambur
    Email: ambiepie_6 (at) hotmail.com

  49. I don't know, I think I would be just a little freaked out if my child starting telling me they lived another life. It's just a little scary to be honest. But the idea of reincarnation is very interesting.

    I commented on the review too.

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  50. What a Great Interview!! The Synopsis of the book sounds sooooo good. It's been on my TBR list for quite some time. The question of reincarnation is a tough one to answer. Great question!


  51. The Eternal Ones sounds really good. I've been hearing about it lately and I really want to read it.


  52. I didn't even know what this book addressed before reading this interview. Thanks, and I really like the idea of reincarnation. I have no doubt this book is great, I've heard good things aobut it.

    Thanks for the contest!

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  53. I didn't actually want to read this book at first, for some reason, but then I picked it up at the bookstore and started reading, and now I want so bad!!


  54. Great interview! I saw Kirsten I think on the Today's Show one time on Tv! She was talking about her Kiki Strike books.
    They sound really good, and Im not one to really enjoy MG.

    Khelsea B


  55. After reading intently on the rules , ended up sighing at the 'US only, sry guys'
    Oh well, keep it up. :D

  56. I love James Franco -- I watched a couple of General Hospital episodes just to see him. He just seems to also be a decent person. I have heard good things about this book and would love to read it
    contestmom AT hotmail DOT com

  57. I didn't know that this author had another series.. Thanks for the info I will be adding more to by TBR pile.


  58. I have entered so many contests for this. Hopefully, this time I might win!

    If James Franco can be cast as a character, you know it's good!

    Thanks for the contest!


    I commented on your review.

  59. Fantastic interview. When I read "epic love story" I knew it was for me.

    Commented on the review, and thanks for the contest!

  60. I've been wanting to read this novel since I heard of it! So thanks very much for the contest and interview. I love her choice of James Franco - what a swoon-worthy man! ;D

    Sarah L
    two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

  61. I think it's great that authors get to make up their "perfect" dream guy in their books. I'm glad that Kirsten Miller included traits she likes. Plus this book sounds amazing.

    email: apk1princess@live.com

  62. This book seems really good!

    Kate- lvink21@wi.rr.com

  63. i must admit, reincarnation does intrigue me....i wonder sometimes if it affects my choices and desires in this life....

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  64. Actually, I believe in the concept of incarnation. I wonder who I were in my past life.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  65. I love books, etc, about reincarnation. It can be kinda sad though. But I love bittersweet books. I am looking forward to reading this book!

    patronus89013 at yahoo dot com

  66. I think this book sounds so good and I've heard GREAT things! I think the subject is something completely different and I love the idea!
    This is a great interview with Kirsten!

    candace_redinger at yahoo dot com

  67. I totally believe in reincarnation! It would explain so much. But I also believe there are other "parallel universes"...I'm weird like that! :)
    I have been wanting to read this book for quite sometime now!
    P.S. I freaking LOVE James Franco!!! Modern James Dean!


  68. Great interview. I have now gotten in the habit of trying to choose which actors would be great for the main characters.(I started doing this with my son who has severe learning disabilities). Now I can't stop doing it myself. I think your choices are great.

  69. I can't wait to read this one! I love the cover, too.
    Tiffany Dall

  70. When I read the book I am totally going to be thinking of James Franco!!!!

    Who doesn't love NPH? Does this mean that Beau is like NPH? If so then I will totally <3 Beau!

    Emily ebdye1(at)gmail

  71. Great interview. I didn't know what this book was about (although I have heard of it), it sounds great and I definitely want to read it.

  72. I love James Franco! He's a great actor. I will be thinking of him when I read the book!


    Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Ah, James Franco is amazing. And funny. I love him!

    I definitely will check this book out in the library if I don't win this. (:
    Thanks for the oppurtunity!


  74. Love the interview, Miller sounds awesome and the book, wow!
    Thanks for the contest!
    Email address:

  75. I am not sure if I believe in reincarnation...It would explain a lot but it still seems sketchy to me.


  76. I have not read anything by the author, but from the interview, I am definitely interest in the author and her concepts. I'm interested to see what type of "extemely weird" things she writes about. I love it when authors stray from the norm, it makes things much more entertaining. And I agree that New York is a facinating place. I tagged along with my boyfriend during one of his business trips and I had to tour the place alone There was so much to discover in such a short period. I even had the chance to walk through Central park on a rainy day and it was awesome, except that I was soaked by the time I returned to my hotel. It was a great experience, I loved it and wish I can go again- not alone the next time though. I'm curious to find out what cool discoveries are made about New York in her book.
    The idea of reincarnation is so intriguing especially because my crazy parents believe in it. I don't know if I personally believe in it, but in the back of my mind, I think that there might be a possibility.

    Please enter me in the contest. This book addict wants to win!


  77. Wow this seems like a book worth reading. And yes James Franco is wow so sexy! LOL

    Monica P.- mo6827@yahoo.com

  78. ah James Franco! :D

    I've been wanting to read this book so bad. I love the reincarnation premise.

    bmweida at yahoo dot com

  79. I totally agree with her about New York. I don't live there but living in Jersey I go up there all the time.

    giveawaymommy at yahoo.com

  80. Thanks for the interview and giveaway. I have been looking forward to reading this book. I love Kirsten's answer about James Franco (I see a lot of other people did, too)! I've been a fan of his ever since I saw Tristan and Isolde.

  81. I think this will be an interesting book, since it is partly about reincarnation. I don't think I've read a book that deals with this issue. I am curious what the book will say about it! I am skeptical of reincarnation just like the author is. I'm not sure what to think. Thanks for the giveaway. And interesting interview!
    caliblue7 at gmail dot com

  82. The Eternal Ones has been on my wish list for a while now.

    I think james franco is a versatile actor and enjoy his films.



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