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Thursday 5 August 2010

ARQs #3

ARQ's are Advance Reading Quotes;
quotes from an advance reading copy.
Hosted Here :D

"That evening Maddy had a long phone conversation with Cath. She told Cath what Grace had said and they speculated wildly about Grace's mystery lover and made plans to look at porn on the internet.
"We'll do it on my laptop in the cushion room."
"What if your mum finds us?"
"She won't."
"She might."
"We'll say we're downloading tracks from iTunes using the shop credit card."
"Why do we have to say we're using the shop credit card? That'll seriously piss her off. It's almost stealing."
"Because she'll be so shocked we're stealing she won't ever think to ask herself is we're doing something worse."
"Mad! You are awesome!"
"Tomorrow after supper, then. Cath and Maddy's porn night."
"Ciao, baby."

"Last Night my whole world came tumbling down. Now I'm running scared.

Have you ever been going along, living your life, living in your reality, and then suddenly something happens that rips your world right in two? You see something or hear something, and suddenly everything you are, everything you're doing, shatters into a thousand shards of sharp, bitter realization.
It happened to me last night."
Pg. 1

Remember that these quotes are from ARCs so they may or may not change. But did u noticed how different the voices are? The first one's are very curious and young, they are exploring life. The second one has been there and done that, and it changed her completely.

I liked the two voices even though they are different. I specially like the voice from Immortal. Can't wait to read it. Can't wait to read both of them!


  1. Wow...I've never heard of this MEME, but definitely like the sound of it! Thanks for the great quotes!

  2. Both quotes are great. But those kids..girls? are something else. Very sneaky!


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