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Saturday 26 June 2010

Remember Me

After watching this movie yesterday with my mother and my aunt I got to the internet and searched for reviews on the movie. And I couldn't believe what my eyes were telling me were the feelings of countless others.

This is from a site called Rotten Tomatoes.com

"Put it this way, Coulter, there are over 3000 true stories you could have told, and this film may insult every single one."

Wow, don't you sound a little harsh there mate? I watched the movie and I think it was one of those few movies I would actually buy on Blue Ray and keep it on my collection. Seriously! Robert Pattinson redeemed himself in this movie. The boy knows how to act! Who would have known?!

Oh and this one insulted me:

"Tween and teen girls will weep in the cheap seats, while adults will be narked by the ending, a shameful piggyback on a national tragedy, which will further the career of the heart-throb."

What is he trying to say? Teens aren't mature enough to comprehend the devastating event that occurred? Or that we are just plain stupid and without taste? Listen whoever you are I watched it with my aunt and my mother both of which are adults and both which were devastated by said event and they thought the movie was great!

Here is a movie summary:

"In the romantic drama Remember Me, Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious young man in New York City who has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler didn’t think anyone could possibly understand what he was going through until the day he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate. Love was the last thing on his mind, but as her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her. Through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed, and the circumstances that brought them together slowly threaten to tear them apart. Remember Me is an unforgettable story about the power of love, the strength of family, and the importance of living passionately and treasuring every day of one’s life."

I liked it, does that mean I am a immature teenage girl? No! The movie was good! I was no fan of Robert Pattinson before watching this movie, but after watching it I am giving him a thumbs up (even though I still don't like him as Edward). And the girl they choose was very cute yet fierce. They make a good couple. The story is suppose to be about love and healing and finding yourself even though it may take time and you may just find yourself to be lost again. The cast pulled it off. And the plot has such a big heart. Everything that happens you feel it and understand it. And how are you able to feel it? Well, the actors were great at their jobs.

Nothing, I just thought since I only saw bad reviews that I might as well give my two cents and support the movie. Movie rocked. Ending was "wow" and I don't think it was piggy back riding at all! What about other movies who have used that as a theme? Were they piggy back ridding? I think not. So just stop hating because Robert is a glittery vampire the other half of his time xD

Also, people who "hated" the movie, do you guys watch the special features of a movie? Because it further explain stuff about the "behind-the-scenes" of the movie and would probably make the thing that you hated about it more bearable. Just saying.

Anyways, I'm done. I recommend it. Watch it. Bye!


  1. One reviewer may have panned it b/c they don't like RP, the next 5 pan it b/c they don't want to look like they don't agree with what becomes what people expect. Then it snowballs. Imagine you write a good review of a panned film and hand it in. Your editor says, "What you in love with Pattinson? Everyone else thinks this is awful! Maybe I need a syndicated reviewer who knows what they are doing."

    In a society where popularity and conformity rule, rocking the boat is a bad career move.

    There are so many times this happens that if I am not inclined toward a movie I will wait for the DVD. But if I am then the heck with them.

    I love the Twilight Saga, books and films, not because a critic told me to, but b/c they speak to me; to some part of me, and resonate.

    You liked this movie and it is great to let people know. Send a copy to the reviewers. Let them know viewers have their own minds and they should too.

    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  2. wow those critics have been really harsh im not such a fan of his but i can imagine possibly enjoying this movie it actually sounds good i might even look it up thanks for the heads up!

  3. Rotten Tamatoes is known for harshness-they even have a show- :( i havent seen it yet but i get your meaning- great post-

  4. I really liked this movie, too. I loved the story and movie so much that I went out and bought it. I don't know why so many bad reviews of it are out there.

  5. Oh wow, reading those comments made me so mad!
    I simply loved this movie, and I was weeping at the end. It tells a beautiful, heart breaking story. And I admit that I am a huge fan of Robert Pattinson, but he being the male lead wasn't the only thing which I loved about this movie.

  6. I loved this movie. Rob Patt is a great underestimated actor because of the Twilight films. I'm glad you liked it, too.

  7. I saw Remember Me in the theater and loved it. I was really taken back by the ending, definitley not expecting it. But in know way did I think that they piggy backed whatsoever. I'm glad you posted this, I was also offened when the critics called us immature teenage girls. It's ridiculous, it was a good movie about someone trying to find himself, what's the problem with that?
    Anyways, thanks for this post! I completely agree.

  8. II haven't gotten a chance to watch this movie yet. I think I keep putting it off because I didn't really care for Rob as Edward. I loved the Twilight books, but the acting in the movie is okay...

    Those were some harsh reviews! It's really not right to say teens wont get the tragidy at the end. (I accidently read a review that had a spoiler in it). I know plently of smart young teens. Some who had reletives and friends that died in the attack.

    Movie reviews should try and remember that.

    I really liked this post, and I'll have to go watch this movie sometime soon :)

  9. It made me tear up at the end, and the next day I had it on my mind. But, the ending was confusing, I didn't realize the date had anything to with it. It was memorable.

  10. I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how well I'll like it. Sounds like a good movie for me and my daughter to see though :)

  11. i love this post.....ut rotten tomatoes are what they are hehe

    The Blog

  12. My sister and I just watched Remember Me last night. I wasn't expecting much (even though I love Rob Pattinson) because all I really heard were bad reviews but I loved it...until the end that is. I don't really like movies that make me cry like a baby and that is exactly what this one did. I guess now that I am over the shock of the ending I can say it was a really good movie but last night I got all depressed and cried a lot and kept saying it was a "horrible horrible movie!" Seriously! I would pass my little sister in a room and we would both randomly say "I hate that movie" or "that was a horrible movie" It wasn't really horrible but the ending just snuck up and sucker punched me...I guess there were subtle clues about the ending now that I think back but at the time I didn't see them. I would also recommend it but prepare yourself to cry like a little girl! Wow that was a long comment. Maybe I should have made this a blog post. Sorry for going on so long and sorry if I ruined it for anyone.


  13. I hated it, and I usually love these kinds of movies.

  14. I love the movie, I cry at the end every time. My husband says the story is to slow for him, he loves action.

  15. I thought this movie was great, and was very proud of Rob. It is so good to see him play different roles. I think he shines outside of the Twilight movies, and look forward to his future movies.

    I assume a lot of people bashed this movie simply because he was in it. Who cares. I never listen to movie critics. :)

  16. I really loved it too. I don't see most movies more than once in theaters and I went and saw this twice and both times were close to each other. So that's saying something from me. My mom and sister saw it and really loved it too.

    I think Rob did a good job and I do believe people probably hated on it more b/c of him, which is crazy, but there you are.


  17. Remember Me sounds great, even though I haven't seen it yet. I think quite often it's as Steph mentioned -- people hop on the reviewing bandwagon. You basically affirmed the opinions of friends and family who went to see it and absolutely disagreed with reviewers :)

    And I've heard Robert Pattinson is a great actor outside of Twilight (I think Edward Cullen's a pretty impossible role to pull off, so I forgive him).

  18. I thought that Remember Me was very well done and well acted. I think many hate on it simply because it stars Robert Pattinson and they view him as a fleeting actor/teen idol that will fizzle out after Twilight.

    The movie was emotional and didn't seem to piggyback anything there at the end. It all sort of lead up to such an incredible ending.

    I had the chance to read the script for Remember Me (then titled Memoirs) and, while the movie was good, the script was amazing. There were some slight changes that worked better on film, but I think it was more affecting when I read it.

  19. I loved this movie and thought that Robert Pattinson certainly did a fantastic job. In Twilight, you don't get to see him for the actor he truly is.

    The ending of this movie was one that left me saying... "Wow, I didn't see that coming."

  20. I just so happened to have watched the movie with my mom two days away and I was so impressed by it. Robert Pattinson did a great job and so did the girl that played his love interest. People are just hating because they hated on Twilight saying that RP didn't do a good job and now they don't want to go back no their word when he DID do something good.

    And the story was no way piggy backing. I love the intensity of the relationship with his father and the guy who played Tyler's freind was so funny and the story of the girl was truely tragic.

    The ending was a little shocking-mty-mouth-dropped-open-and-gasped moment, and really I was wondering how this whole story was going to end and it was don't in an amazing, yet saddening way.

    I'm a teenager and if some reviewer thinks i sat there sobbing my eyes out because Robert Pattinson died in a movie and also that I don't understand the the seriousness of the situation that happened then they should do a little more reseach on what this generation knows. (PS: Loved the review :)

  21. I'm a 29 year old woman who watched Remember Me with my 35 year old male friend. We both enjoyed the movie. I thought Robert Pattinson did an amazing job with his role.

    Great review!

  22. I'm not a fan of Pattinson either..maybe I need to give him another chance. I do like Emilie De Ravin...

  23. I actually loved the movie! I thought it was great.



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