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Monday 7 June 2010

BEA Day 2 Part I; The Content and the Buzz.

So, where was I?

May 26

Got up at 5:30 a.m. to go and take the subway up to 42nd st and from there take a bus to the Javits Center. When I got to Javits it was still too early, but Jennifer was there so we hanged out and tried to make some sort of plan for the day (incredibly enough I was the only girl there without a plan). We made some kind of plan, where we went to an event and everything (never went to the event).

After that girls began arriving. Eleni, Emily, and a few more (of which I don't really remember every single name because we didn't hang out as much xD). BUT! I did get to meet Lexie fromPoisoned Rationality!


She is a sweetie! I luvs her lots (we kind of stick together thorough that day, a much needed companion).

All in all, it was MADNESS! You want to know the names of the first books I found? Another Pan by Daniel & Dina Nayeri (the sequel to Another Faust, a book which although not my favorite I wanted to read the sequel to see where it goes from here) and The Body at the Tower by Y. S. Lee (sequel to A Spy in the House from The Agency Trilogy, this one I reeaaallyyy enjoyed even though it had no vampires in it!).

And imagine my shock when I actually got the books for free O.o See, everybody kept saying "oh, there are ARC's for free blah blah" but it sounds too good to believe right? Well, it's real ladies and gentleman. And you don't even know how many YA books there were at the convention! Not only that, but how many supernatural YA books!! It was heaven on earth!!

The day was pretty chaotic. My bags were filled in no time and I had to go to my suitcase to drop some books so I could carry more. Thank goodness I had the sense enough to bring a suitcase just in case (I think that if I were to give you any tips for next year bringing a suitcase would be up there with the first numbers, along with bring a male friend if you are not that strong- like me). Here I got to stop and thoroughly thank my mother and my friend Chaz because without them I think my arms would have fallen off my body. They were smart, kind, and awesome enough to come to The Javits Center and check up on me, and more importantly they took my two tote bags full of books with them. I believe that is the best present they could have given me (that along with taking me to see Sex and the City 2).

So here I was at BEA, with no books to carry around and plenty of tote bags to fill up. So what did I do? Go around and just check on which books I didn't get the first time around. There were not as much as the first time around, but I got plenty. I was a very happy girl.

BUT! Don't think I only got books! I also gots lots of business cards from my fellow bloggers! I met so many bloggers! I read on a blog (don't remember which one specifically, but it was one of the blogs giving advice on BEA) that the best thing you could do was not being shy. I didn't follow this advice at TAC (too nervous), but at BEA? I was a social butterfly. I talked to so many people I actually surprised myself. For those of you who met me at BEA I have one thing to tell you, and this is the honest truth, I am not that social, EVER. So yeah, me at BEA? Total shocker (I think I might have scared some people...) and I don't regret it at all. It led to meeting a lot of amazing people, bloggers and authors and publishers... *grins*

(Picture of some of the bloggers at the Lauren Oliver line; there is a funny story about how I got like 20 copies of a same book to give out to bloggers at this line... But that is as funny as it gets Lol)

Oh, and I also got to meet one of my fav people on the blog sphere, Sandy The Pirate Penguin!!!


She is pretty cool, and we (me and Lexie) hanged out with her as long as we could. Oh, our group was pretty big at the beginning, but as soon as BEA doors opened? Everybody went to do their own thing and so you only saw groups of 2 or 3. There were a lot of signings, and events, and books lying around waiting to be claimed.

(Some friends and bloggers at Maryrose Wood -The Poison Diaries. We were the first in line lol)

All in all, I think I only missed like 1 or 2 signings. I -amazingly- got to pretty much all the signings I wanted to attend. Yes, I met Rick Riordan (I was pictures and a book to prove it)

...various times, both in line and out of the line.

I also met Melissa Marr...

Jaclyn Dolamore, and Richelle Mead (who actually does look a little like a vampire in real life!!!).

So many people!

After BEA (who thought that day would ever really end?) I believe we went to Penn Station because some girls had to leave, but me and Lexie took the challenge of getting to some Hotel (that I completely forgot it's name) to a Book Blogger Celebration. We walked about 10 blocks, out hands carrying suitcases full of books. It was painful to say the least; I finally got to meet Torture in person. We got to the street it was! But... We were about 200 buildings away. Lets just say we gave up. At least I gave up and dragged Lexie along with me. We got to 42nd St (beautiful) and sat on the steps of a Starbucks for as long as the employees didn't throw us out and made a plan. I called my mom and decided to meet with her. Lexie had to get back to Penn station so she accompanied me to meet my mom. Mother was at Macy's which thankfully it was only a subway ride away. After meeting up with her me and Lexie parted ways with the promise to meet on Thursday.

In one sentence: BEA is Amazing. Epic. The biggest book event of the year. And New York is phenomenal, everything I ever thought it was and more.

Now, for what you are really here... The books. I have pictures, or I could make a list... Why don't I just do both?


I will do so in the next post. Because there are so many books I will make a post just for the books. The Post will be up today before 12 a.m. I hope.


  1. Wow! Glad you had such an amazing time!! :)

  2. Great pictures Taschima! I wish someone had taken one of you carrying all those books back to us on the Lauren Oliver line! You're the best ;)

  3. lol everyone ignore me at the top there. I'm pretty sure Taschima got a better looking picture...I hope...oh gods never mind I always look that way XD

    We have a plan for next year! Sort of. At least, I think since our little group is not used to some of what BEA is all about we can all plan things better (signings, food, etc).

  4. Wow i would have went crazy two.never been to one but i would have went crazy for all the books.


  5. Aaahh!!! I'm so jealous! Lol. I'm going next year. No matter what it takes. I'm going! Lol.

  6. Wow, this sounds amazing!!! It sounds like you had a blast...wait I'm sure you had a blast...every book blogger would.
    : )

  7. It was great seeing you there! :) Thanks for the book! ;)

    I'm stealing the group pic. :)


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